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Elleti Group Links With Wiser Wash

Laundry and garment manufacturer Elleti Group’s latest partnership demonstrates its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The Italian company announced a new pact with Wiser Wash, a patented washing method that eliminates the use of pumice stone and harmful chemicals while reducing water usage. The more efficient process is also gentler on fabric than traditional washing methods, which results in a garment that’s more robust and durable.

For Rivet 50 member Luigi Lovato, Elleti Group’s founder and CEO, the partnership was a natural next step in its long-term strategy for sustainability.

“Nothing is more important to us than satisfying our clients’ needs,” Lovato said. “We put all our expertise and experience at the service of their creative ideas. The partnership with Wiser Wash is definitely another reason to be proud, and it will set our bar even higher in guaranteeing quality, authenticity and an ever-increasing respect for the environment and our employees.”

Since 2011, Elleti has been focused on sustainable innovation, using more responsible washing and finishing methods such as ice blasting, laser finishing, ozone and nano bubbles. Many of the company’s sustainable initiatives are represented in its Earthkeepers collection, a range of low environmental impact treatments that achieve an authentic denim look.

The company recently opened a museum showcasing its passion for denim through the years, with more than 15,000 garments dating back to the 1850s on display. Heritage brands such as Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler, as well as now-defunct labels like Stronghold, Big Mac, Boss of the Road and Gold Medal, are featured in the collection. One area in particular, the “stadium,” presents a visual timeline of the company’s investments and experimentation in finishing.