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Garmon Launches New Sustainable Denim Dyes at Kingpins

Garmon Chemicals has unveiled a line of 22 direct dyes that use less energy, water and time than their reactive-dye counterparts.

Presented at denim expo Kingpins in Amsterdam last week, the Old Vintage Dyes (OVD) range promises “excellent dischargeability” and a deep and even distribution color that will meet the rigorous requirements of even the “most demanding buyers,” according to the Italy-based firm.

The dyes are used in the cationized dyeing process, which employs the surface deposition of color to create vintage effects characterized by high contracts on abraded areas, Garmon said.

The company’s new offerings require an average of five process steps instead of the usual eight, a lower quantity—and higher performance—of both dyes and auxiliaries and “much easier” corrections for final shades.

Branded by Garmon as eco-friendly, safe for human health and Restricted Substances List-compliant, the dyes save 40 percent more processing time, while saving 40 percent more water and 35 percent more energy than rival products, yet deliver no “aesthetic compromises,” it said.

Garmon also used the Kingpins expo to preview the new features of its Stretch Care innovation line, including Elam Sense, an aminoethylethanolamine (AEEE)-free softener for high-quality finishes on super- and hyper-stretch fabrics; and Fortres Flex, an “outstanding” dispersal agent that protects elastane fiber even at low temperatures, preventing so-called “backstaining”—i.e, the redepositation of dyes—during all washing steps.

“Garmon’s commitment is once again confirmed to be geared towards quality excellence,” said Donald Mulazzani, Garmon’s marketing and business development director, in a statement. “The effort that the company dedicates to product innovation and constant research for eco-centric solutions is supported by the unmatched Garmon expertise in anticipating its customers’ needs.”

Garmon, which was acquired by Kemin Industries Group in January, told Rivet in July it was commencing a three-part “journey towards sustainability” by integrating eco-friendly innovations with strategic business actions.