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Insider’s View: The State of Denim Sustainability

Sustainability has become a buzzword among denim makers, but reducing the industry’s carbon footprint won’t be an individual task.

This is where denim stakeholders like Marco Lucietti come into play.

Lucietti, who currently serves as a senior adviser at SANKO and the Copenhagen Fashion Summit (CFS), works with major companies to develop strategies that foster environmental improvements in their global supply chains. The goal, for Lucietti, is to positively impact the denim industry, by helping brands create more eco-conscious apparel that meets consumers’ lifestyle needs.

Carved in Blue caught up with Lucietti and discussed the new CFS agenda, the challenge of promoting eco as value, the role of the eco-conscious consumer and what it will take for the denim industry to shift to a more circular economy.

Read more at about Lucietti’s take on sustainable denim on Carved in Blue.

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