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Jeanologia Develops Tool Streamlining Digital Design

Design is undergoing a digital transformation, and the pandemic has sped up the need for designers to adapt to virtual tools. Jeanologia’s latest innovation helps denim designers work more seamlessly in this evolving digital landscape.

On Monday, the denim finishing technology company debuted eDesigner, a new tool that ensures the accuracy of garment finishing. Historically, matching denim washes with digital designs can result in numerous samples and trials. With eDesigner, what designers see on their screens is what they get in the garment finishing.

The solution connects designers with wash developers and brands with manufacturers, standardizing formats and improving production processes by making it more efficient and accelerating time to market.

The software is open platform, meaning it can be connected to other virtual stitching and 3D software, as well as production centers that can guarantee perfect reproducibility.

Carmen Silla, Jeanologia marketing director, says a “common language” must be set among wash developers in order to navigate the new normal and streamline jeans production. The eDesigner software connects designers with wash developers and brands with manufacturers to ensure what designers see is what they get. Within an hour, a design can be initiated and approved.

Additionally, Jeanologia touts the tool as easy to use. “You don’t need to be a graphic expert,” Silla said. “Just have product sensibility and understand your customer.”

As players across the supply chain invest in ways to reduce waste and respond to market trends faster, Silla expects to see digital design take on greater importance across the jeans wear industry.

“Today more than ever we need to implement digitalization in our industry. Designs and digital collections or 3D virtual reality are going to be key to recovery,” Silla said. “With tools like eDesigner, we can make meaningful advances and totally change the way we create and produce jeans.”

Jeanologia’s 26-year history is rife with significant innovations within the denim industry, including their G2 ozone, e-flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero products which reduce the use of water, energy and chemicals in production. Most recently, the company opened an innovation hub in Hong Kong to share knowledge and work alongside clients to develop new sustainable finishing processes.