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Jeanologia: ‘We Are Ready to Transform Retail’

For Jeanologia, 2020 became a year dedicated to developing new sanitization technologies in the wake of the coronavirus. This year, as retail reopened across Europe and consumers rekindled their fondness for jeans, the finishing technology company returned to its mission to offer brands sustainable solutions to achieve authentic denim looks.

Jeanologia is bringing this technology straight to the store floor through its Retail Innovation Lab.

Established in 2018 at Jeanologia’s Spanish headquarters in Valencia, the lab enables the company to work together with brands and retailers on new ideas that will shape the future of denim retail. There, they experiment with laser technologies, washing and drying machines, and brainstorm projects that will connect the consumer experience with sustainability and personalization, and physical retail with online.

“We are ready to transform retail and create a unique customer experience,” said Carmen Silla, Jeanologia marketing director.

Jeanologia has two success stories based on its technology.

When Levi’s set out to create a popup experience in Miami for Art Basel in 2019, the denim giant turned to Jeanologia to power some of the customization options offered to consumers. Constructed out of 12 shipping containers, Levi’s Haus Miami featured a two-level concept shop with a curated assortment of Levi’s Premium Red Tab, Levi’s Authorized Vintage, Levi’s Made & Crafted and limited-edition product as well as its most innovative Levi’s Tailor Shop.

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Powered by Jeanologia’s laser machines, the Tailor Shop offered Future Finish, a customization option that allows consumers to develop one-of-a-kind finishing details on the jeans.

Spanish Tech Innovator Jeanologia Is Ready to 'Transform' Denim Retail
Levi’s Haus Miami Courtesy

Jeanologia CEO Enrique Silla said Levi’s Haus Miami “marked a retail milestone” by “bringing together jean design and production physically in-store” and enhancing the consumer experience with an element of fun and creativity.

The second case study took place this fall during Milan Design Week. Jeanologia installed a digital corner in Bershka’s flagship store on Corso Vittorio Emmanuele, transforming it into a digital denim customization laboratory. This initiative meant that consumers could have a unique experience in real-time, quickly and sustainably designing their own garments with laser technology. The entire process took only 45 minutes.

Incorporating technology into retail environments is increasing in popularity. Candiani Denim recently opened Candiani Custom, an extension of its existing Milan-based boutique that includes a microfactory specializing in made-to-measure jeans produced and washed on-site. What’s more, machinery companies are also tweaking their existing technologies to be more suitable for small-batch production and in-store customization.

Strong partnership, however, is a key component for companies bringing this new retail experience to life. “We accompany brands and retailers throughout the process,” Silla said, adding that Jeanologia assists in the creation of designs, training the design team and store personnel, and assembling the space in the store.

More brand partnerships for Jeanologia are in the works for 2022. “At the moment I can’t revel [with who], but it will surprise you,” she said.