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Jeanologia Has a Solution to Remove Coronavirus from Garments

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the denim industry has faced pressure to respond to consumers’ new demands regarding safety.

Spanish finishing technology company Jeanologia immediately got to work developing a solution which it used to sanitize face masks during the pandemic in Spain. And now, it’s using that same technology in a new sanitization chamber it’s calling Sanibox.

The development, Jeanologia says, is the only sanitization technology certified to eliminate coronavirus from textiles and footwear. Coronavirus is used to describe a number of virus strains; Jeanologia did not specify if the Sanibox is effective against COVID-19.

The technology has a 98 percent sanitization level, and is certified by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and in compliance with AFNOR NFT 72-281, the standard method for verifying the effectiveness of airborne surface disinfection systems.

It combines ozone technology with humidity control, which safely and quickly eliminates bacteria and deactivates viruses—something Jeanologia founder Enrique Silla believes in crucial during these uncertain times.

“Consumers will not buy again if they do not feel safe,” he said. “Therefore, we must unite all the parties involved in the industry to protect workers and consumers throughout the different stages of the production process by using sanitization.”

The technology serves benefits throughout the supply chain, from sanitizing staff uniforms before use, to sanitizing garments at distribution centers, to sanitizing items that were returned or tried on.

Without technology, the only way to ensure safety includes either placing an item in quarantine for 72 hours or washing it at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, Jeanologia noted.

In May, garment and finishing machinery company Tonello launched SaniCare, a similar solution that uses ozone to sanitize and disinfect items at various stages of the supply chain. Its suite of products includes technology that can be installed on Tonello’s washing and dying machines, as well as static cabinets that are available in different sizes for commercial needs.