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Levi’s Showcases Project F.L.X. Tech at a Pop-Up Customization Studio

Customized Levi’s are just a laser away for friends and family of the company.

Levi’s is showcasing the abilities of its digitized denim finish program, Project F.L.X., with a pop-up customization studio in Los Angeles.

Project F.L.X. uses the latest advances in laser-powered technology by Jeanologia to digitize the design and development of denim finishing. From rips, fades and distressing, to wash and whiskering, Project F.L.X. allows Levi’s fans to create a truly unique pair of vintage-looking jeans.

The customization studio, which is by appointment only for friends of the brand, is located in Downtown Los Angeles, and will run until Oct. 15. Throughout the 10-week stay, notable friends of the brand will create limited edition pieces at the studio for giveaway on Levi’s Instagram platform.

Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes, for example, lasered a giant version of Levi’s two horse logo on a Trucker jacket.

In an effort to improve speed to market, Levi’s announced it would roll out the proprietary laser-based technology across its supply chain.

Project F.L.X. stores custom designs as digital files, which are then translated for automated bulk manufacturing, effectively eliminating traditional labor-intensive processes and dramatically shrinking the environmental footprint by reducing chemical finishing formulations from thousands to dozens.

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Levi's laser technology
Levi’s laser technology Levi's

By replacing manual techniques and automating time-consuming, chemical-reliant processes, Levi’s can cut finishing time down from two to three pairs per hour to 90 seconds per garment. Levi’s also plans to reduce the total number of chemical formulations used in its finishing pricess from thousands to a few dozen.

“By utilizing these new methods and tools offered by Project F.L.X. we are able to speed up our ideation and creation process while delivering authenticity with advanced agility,” Karyn Hillman, Levi Strauss & Co. chief product officer, said.

The first round of products made with Project F.L.X. technology will be available in select Levi’s stores starting Spring 2019.