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LYCRA® dualFX® Technology:  From Evolution to Revolution

Since its introduction in 2011, LYCRA® dualFX® technology has been constantly evolving to meet market needs. From its expansion into comfortable shaping fabrics with LYCRA® BEAUTY branded offerings in 2014, to acquisition of new dual core technologies in 2017, and the recent extension into soft stretch fabrics, LYCRA® dualFX® technologies are always on the move.

LYCRA® dualFX® technology by the numbers:

2011 LYCRA® dualFX® Technology is officially introduced to the market.

2014  LYCRA® dualFX® Technology expands to include LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics for comfortable shaping garments.

2017  The LYCRA® Brand expands its presence in the dual core market by acquiring Cone Denim’s dual core patent portfolio. European dual core patents grant.

2018  The LYCRA® dualFX® platform is extended to include LYCRA® FREEF!T® Technology for soft, easy stretch with excellent recovery.

The latest innovation under the LYCRA® dualFX® umbrella is LYCRA® FREEF!T® Technology. This patented yarn treatment makes your jeans easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and always looking great because they maintain their shape.

To practice LYCRA(r) dualFX® technology mills must be licensed by INVISTA. Only licensed mills are eligible to produce and sell LYCRA® dualFX® fabric. To request a copy of our licensed mill resource list, brands and retailers can click here.

Following are some of the latest fabric innovations from several of our licensed mills:

Advance Denim Lycra
Orta Anadolu Lycra
Arvind Lycra
Tavex Lycra

Success Story: NYDJ

One of the brands who has incorporated LYCRA® dualFX® technology into its line over the last several years is NYDJ. According to president and CEO, Lisa Collier, the benefits LYCRA® dualFX® technology brings to the brand’s garments has resulted in increased customer loyalty:

“At NYDJ using LYCRA® dualFX® technology has helped us provide our customers with jeans that look and feel great all day, ultimately increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to our brand,” Collier said.

For more information on LYCRA® dualFX® technology, contact Jean Hegedus at or click here.