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LYCRA® dualFX® Technology—Why What’s Inside Your Jeans Matters

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It’s no secret that delivering on consumer expectations is a key factor in generating brand loyalty and repeat purchase. But when it comes to jeans, what are consumers’ key expectations and how can brands and retailers capitalize on them?

A recent study* conducted by 2CV with 2,500 millennial women across five countries revealed significant gaps between consumer expectations for their jeans and actual wear experience. The most significant need gaps centered around various dimensions of fit, such as jeans remaining the same size wear after wear, holding their shape, and staying in place as the wearer moved.

Enter LYCRA® dualFX® technology. Its high recovery performance was designed to address these specific needs. Over the years, brands and retailers have come to appreciate the fact that what’s inside their jeans really does matter. Now INVISTA is investing to bring that same message to consumers.

For the second consecutive year, American Eagle is participating in INVISTA’s digital marketing campaign to promote jeans with LYCRA® dualFX® technology. Featuring AEO’s new Ne(X)t Level jeans, the campaign debuted on Refinery 29, with the tagline “It’s what’s inside that matters most,” inspired by today’s Gen-X and millennial consumers. At the end of October, the innovative campaign, which included video content from influencers Veronica and Vanessa Merrell, was recognized by Numerator/Brandtale as “best of the week” of all branded content to go live across any media outlet or publisher.(Click here to learn more.)

To be a part of the excitement, consider integrating LYCRA® dualFX® technology into your garments, and sourcing some of the latest fabric innovations from our authorized mills featured below. Brands and retailers can also request a copy of INVISTA’s authorized mill resource list by clicking here.

Blue Diamond
Twin Dragon

For additional information, contact your INVISTA representative or Jean Hegedus at

*Denim Study 2CV, 2016