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Fashion Meets Function at Naveena Denim Lahore

Although the denim industry has made significant efforts to cater to modern shopping trends, whether it is manufacturing high-stretch and super-stretch jeans or building out circularity initiatives, Naveena Denim Lahore (NDL) knows that the combination of fashion and function is a must, especially as denim wearers want more durable jeans they can wear anywhere.

Naveena has gone beyond the basics of manufacturing garments that consumers can wear all day long, whether it’s right after waking up, at work, or out at the bar.

DSM extended its Premium Manufacturing Partnership (PMP) with Naveena Denim (NDL). Naveena has leveraged the extra strength to build the ideal jean that could be lightweight yet more comfortable without compromising on strength and durability.

Dyneema fiber is 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight. With the Dyneema fiber, Naveena offers two separate product segments, one focused on durable denim for lifestyle and fashion workwear, while the second segment is more of a high-performance, high-protection wear for motorcyclists, which has high abrasion resistance, durability and tear-strength.

“The added advantage with Dyneema compared to other synthetic fibers is that it washes down just like natural classic denim,” said Rashid Iqbal Nasir, executive director at Naveena Denim Lahore. “The beauty of the Dyneema fabric is that it can take just a small percentage of Dyneema mixed with cotton, and you can still have an authentic hand feel like 100 percent cotton. Yet it gives you a lot of functionality with a low percentage of synthetic fiber.”

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The new version of bio-based Dyneema offers the exact performance as conventional Dyneema, but with a carbon footprint that is 90 percent lower than the generic fiber. NDL’s vision is to construct fabrics that provide fashion, performance, and comfort to denim with minimum environmental impact.

To achieve its sustainability goals, Naveena is using bio-based Dyneema with Jeanologia‘s sustainable fabric finishing process, G2 Dynamic (Ozone), saving up to 70 percent of water.

Zeeshan Ahmed, head of R&D at Naveena Denim Lahore, indicated that the blending process can be complicated. “The fiber specs of cotton and Dyneema are not similar to each other—cotton is a soft fiber while Dyneema is a tough fiber. We have taken extra measures to achieve the uniform homogeneous blended cotton Dyneema yarn,” Ahmed said.

By using the Dyneema fiber, NDL has developed a wide range of durable denim in different weights, shades and aesthetics and extends its fabric supplies to well-known motorcycling and workwear brands in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

Naveena Denim Lahore prides itself on its diversified product range from the softest fibers, like Miyabi by Mitsubishi Japan, to the toughest fiber, Dyneema by DSM. Naveena is successfully adding these functions into lifestyle and contemporary fashions.

Fashion meets function is an absolute breakthrough in the new denim era. From giving fashion inspiration to your workwear style to withstanding the toughest work conditions, Dyneema denim lasts much longer than any traditional denim in the market.