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Officina+39 Brings Eco-Friendly Denim to Life With ‘Re-Act’ Collection

As a chemical company, we at Officina+39 believe we are all responsible for contributing to the reduction of our own environmental impact. That’s the reason our job has changed a lot in recent years. While innovation and upcycling are part of our identity, we now know that is not enough.

Although we’ve built our business as a manufacturer of sustainable chemical specialties, dyestuffs and pigments for fashion garments, we’re no longer just a chemical manufacturer. We are aware of the social and environmental demands that an increasing number of people are integrating into their daily lives, consumption habits and leisure choices.

With that in mind, our daily challenge is now also focused on turning these ideas into exciting sustainable denim collections, creating unique garments that can inspire designers, brands and product developers alike.

The RE-ACT! collection is our contribution to softening what has been a tough moment for all of us. For the collection, we let ourselves get carried away by our imagination and creativity to be enraptured by the beauty of finishing.

Reducing environmental impact is the first goal of this collection, combining the tradition of ancient Italian craftsmanship with innovative technologies.

“REACT” is the key word of this collection, in which we use our latest technologies connected with our main concept Trustainable™ practices and use our recently debuted Oz-One Powder, a treatment that allows denim laundries to achieve bleached, distressed or acid-wash looks on garments in an environmentally friendly waterless way.

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Using our range of Nebudye dyestuffs to obtain a unique dyeing effect in nebulization/fog system machinery, all while saving water and energy, we created a wide range of fresh colors that are not tied to a season and can be discharged in a creative way with Oz-One Powder.

With Oz-One Powder, we created brighter blue and eco acid-wash effects to produce a variety of heritage-referenced denim shades from the ‘80s and ‘90s looks.

The RE-ACT! collection also includes our Recycrom™ Dirty chemical, a sustainable dyestuffs solution recycled from textile waste that uses minimal water in the dyeing process to help the jeans achieve the distressed, vintage look.

Oz-One Powder offers sustainable alternative

The concept for Oz-One Powder was developed while Italy was on lockdown during the first half of the year. We wanted to set out to find environmentally friendly and accessible solutions that would help maintain the sustainable course the sector was on prior to the pandemic.

Typically, to obtain this type of look, the denim laundries that take jeans in their raw state and finish them, use substances that are often considered to have a high impact on the environment, such as potassium permanganate. And until now, the standard solution to achieve the aged look has been ozone machines, but it is well known that these require a special generator, which can be a major investment for these laundries.

As we know, Covid-19 has had and will have a severe impact on our sector. We’re expecting factories will have less capacity in the coming months and years for new investments.

The previous consideration has been the basis of the Oz-One launch. The aim was to offer to the laundries (in particular to those without the availability of ozone machine), one more ecological alternative, able to work in traditional machines. Using conventional machines without water, the Oz-One particles break down indigo and sulfur black dyes.

Even in a difficult time due to the global pandemic, a new technology like Oz-One Powder will give laundries an extra option to offer brands better and more sustainable technology, using the machines at their disposal.

There isn’t a one-fix solution for sustainability, but we believe that the best way to predict our future is to create it. RE-ACT! means move forward, so let’s go ahead and create a more conscious and wise approach to fashion together.

RE-ACT!…we’ve always had quite a few reasons to be optimistic.

Learn more about Officina+39, which offers a select range of chemical specialties, dyestuffs and pigments for denim and garment fields. Check out the company’s Instagram here.