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ORTA Opens Up ‘MetaDENIMverse’ With Open Ticket Collection

ORTA is bringing its denim to the metaverse for the first time, introducing a new circular and conscious collection designed to be viewed in the virtual world and worn in the physical world.

Open Ticket is the inaugural collection showcased in what ORTA calls its “MetaDENIMverse,” which was first launched as an online virtual reality (VR) experience earlier in 2021.

“Global society today is at the cusp of two major transformations, each driven by new technology and the collective interests and passions of people,” said Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki, who leads ORTA’s denim sales and marketing, product development, R&D, planning and operations. “ORTA has been at the forefront of innovating our use of resources through our ORTA BLU Handprint mission since 2010 to lead with the most sustainable, zero-waste and regenerative practices to contribute to net-positive sustainability.”

By bringing Open Ticket and future collections to both the physical and virtual worlds, the denim manufacturer can contribute to the health and well-being of the planet, while improving social engagement with consumers and brands alike.

ORTA’s Open Ticket collection focuses on one of the fastest-growing denim categories—stretch. Recognizing that using elastane in stretch contributes to the microplastics threat in the earth’s water systems and atmosphere, the tech team at ORTA Lab created the Magical Comfort Stretch, a patent-pending denim that has zero elastane or polyester, yet achieves flexibility, recovery and comfort.

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The denim is manufactured from an eco-generative, proprietary mono material called “Torque” that has no artificial fibers, microplastics, elastane or polyester. ORTA named the material for its angular momentum capabilities, alongside its own intent to push new boundaries of alternatives that solve the synthetic fiber usage problem in stretch denim.

With the Open Ticket collection, ORTA adds a new element to its VR denim journey, which already serves as an interactive selling tool and Zen-like experience designed as a more carbon-friendly way to engage with customers.

ORTA also offers a new denim fabric family “Platform,” which is designed to cater to a more gender-neutral style of “lifewear” built for a diverse audience.  Designed as a venue to explore unlimited possibilities and inspire the legends of tomorrow, ORTA also expanded its VR experience, adding references to some of acclaimed and iconic science fiction writers: Huxley, Herbert, Shelley and Wells.

Additionally, the manufacturer unveiled a new lightweight performance denim designed to raise the standards of organic and pre-and-post-recycled denim fabric family, called “Joyride.” The denim meets Ellen MacArthur Jeans Redesign’s strength criteria, which requires optimal tensile strength after 30 home launderings.

The lightweight utilitarian fabric also meets several sustainability standards such as the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which is certified to contain 40 percent recycled content; as well as the Organic Content Standard (OCS).

Additionally, Joyride fabrics are compostable with 100 percent cellulosic-based fibers suitable for mechanical recycling at the end of their lives. They are dyed with ORTA’s Indigo Flow sustainable dyeing process, which saves up to 70 percent of water in the process.

“Our aim is to constantly push new denim horizons beyond sustainable, circular and upcycled toward creating regenerative denim that gives back more than it takes,” said Dr. Aki, noting that ORTA’s Open Ticket denim concepts are supported with life cycle assessment (LCA) data, certified climate-kind fibers and chemicals, sustainable washes, reduced waste, pre-and-post consumer cotton circularity and biodegradable compositions.

“We have improved resource efficiency and responsible fiber usage 60 percent since 2019 and will continue to reach new environmental standards with low-impact denim fabrics,” she said. “We see the future of denim as both creative and regenerative, and this is the same vision we will bring to the metaverse as we expand our denim experience in carbon-friendly and highly engaging new worlds.”

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