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ORTA Launched the First Regenerative Cotton Denim NFT: The Blueskyer

ORTA has debuted an NFT for the denim industry, showcasing a retro-futuristic design of denim utility wear made of 100 percent regenerative cotton.

Called The Blueskyer NFT, the digital display represents a “blue sky” vision of conscious consumption combined with regenerative agriculture to start creating the future we want to live in today.

True to its climate-positive mission, the ORTA Blueskyer NFT is minted by Tezos, an energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchain. The platform produces an average carbon footprint equivalent to only 17 people after 50 million annual transactions, according to a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the company’s carbon footprint.1 This efficiency is vital to understand, as other blockchains’ energy demands today can sometimes match those of some nation states.2

Developed in collaboration with Muse VR, the ORTA Blueskyer NFT features an image of the 100 percent regenerative utilitarian denim jumpsuit rising from a colorful, vibrant garden towards the blue skies above.

The Blueskyer is the first NFT representing ORTA’s commitment to creating and supporting the #iamablueskyer movement that captures the spirit of the new generation of designers, artists, creators, climate advocates and more who aim to cancel climate change, eliminate waste, restore biodiversity and improve social equity.

ORTA also recognizes that in a time where climate anxiety is a real threat to global mental health, that a more optimistic vision of our future has to be championed by all.

“If we are to move away from the culture of waste and carbon-intense processes and move our industry forward, we need adapt a blue-sky mindset,” said Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki, director at ORTA. “This mindset starts from design. Almost every pair of jeans is designed to throw away when consumers are finished with it. How can we disrupt this current design thinking to be able to incorporate these concepts: use longer, circulate and regenerate?”

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Roughly 90 of these NFTs are currently available. They can be bid on and purchased through the NFT marketplace Rarible for 5 XTZ—Tezos’ native cryptocurrency—which is roughly the equivalent of $8.49. The company donates profits from its Orta Blueskyer NFT sales to support regenerative agriculture initiatives in Turkey.

“At ORTA, we are building a regenerative platform, a systems transformation of our denim industry through provocative innovation, science-based design, open-source technology and collective action,” Dr. Aki said. “Only then will we truly achieve a more optimistic and regenerative denim industry of tomorrow.”

The denim manufacturer is known for its forward-thinking mentality, already making its metaverse debut in 2021, with what it calls the “MetaDENIMverse,” where it showcased the “Open Ticket” collection. Prior to that, it unveiled an online virtual reality (VR) experience where partners could embark on a virtual hot air balloon ride and view new fabrics.

Blueskyer NFT is launched on Rarible NFT marketplace, secured by Temple Wallet, an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet for the Tezos blockchain.

  1. The Tezos blockchain protocol total annual carbon footprint for 2021 approximates the average footprint of 17 world citizens.* The LCA found that Tezos blockchain protocol represents approximately 2.4E-4 g CO2 equivalent per unit of gas and 2.5 g CO2 equivalent per transaction. Source:
  2. “The process of creating Bitcoin to spend or trade consumes around 91 terawatt-hours of electricity annually, more than is used by Finland, a nation of about 5.5 million.” Source: The New York Times “Bitcoin Uses More Electricity Than Many Countries. How Is That Possible?”

Learn more about Orta and the #iamablueskyer movement here.