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ORTA Debuts Scenic Route Collection, Blending Nostalgia With Modern Fabrics

There’s a brave new world of denim brewing at ORTA. While the manufacturer has already taken its partners on a scenic route via a virtual reality-based interactive experience, it has unveiled a new denim collection to match.

The Scenic Route collection is designed to evoke nostalgia through cult classic films, while promoting bio-based modernity to “close the loop” in textile manufacturing.

Every fabric is consciously crafted. To foster transparency, ORTA shares its handprint and traces the trip its fibers take—whether from the hemp farms or its local waste cotton recycling partners—so consumers can see the origins and route of their denim.

Blu Narratives, Newtopia concepts take inspiration from cinema

The Blu Narratives concept is designed to evoke nostalgia with a modern-vintage character and ultimate eco-engineering. The fabrics and their names are inspired by cult classic cinema directors and their films that influenced the denim-clad subcultures and contemporary fashion of the time.

For example, ORTA celebrates modern vintage integrity and hidden refined slub character in rigid form with “The Kubrick,” while “The Altman” reflects comfort. “The Hopper” group takes contemporary vintage twill to new heights with a recycled blend including an ultimate-stretch with great growth and recovery. There’s a newfound rugged sentiment in “The Huston,” with streaky, nappy looks and an iconic vintage mottled character.

Retro salt-and-pepper character gets an update with comfort stretch, encapsulated in “The Aldrich,” while “The Hitchcock” embraces a natural marble look using high-stretch compact fabrics. And finally, “The Fellini” fabric story compiles a group of go-to shirting weights with a compact and refined vertical slub character.

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ORTA’s Newtopia concept explores the relationship between humans and nature, and embraces a new future with fabric names that echo the “Star Wars” philosophy of “peace, wisdom and coming together for the greater good.”

Constructed with a new balance of indoor and outdoor worlds, Newtopia is a contrast of tough, durable fabrics that are still super-soft to touch. The “Rey” family of Zero-Max®, zero virgin cotton includes maximum shape retention capabilities designed to reinvent denim origins with a mix of TENCEL™, TENCEL Modal, pre-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester. Fierce color fastness is core to the “Jedi” and “Yoda” fabrics, reminding the wearer of the force of nature.

ORTA’s “Stay Colors” keep their intensity, yet are kind to the environment, with no color fading, less washing required and dynamic color depth retention. Stellar comfort constructions and loftiness also prevail in comfortable “Obi Wan,” “Padme,” “Anakin” and “Han” cashmere fabrics. “Luke” and “Leia” fabrics offer eco-friendly mixed weaves aimed at amplifying everyday comfort and functionality with superlative retro-cool styles.

Bio Awake brings conscious color to denim fabrics

The bold return of denim has a new spirit of rebellion. And it isn’t punk, it’s consciousness. There’s a cross-industry movement towards more bio-based solutions to meet today’s eco-modern demands.

ORTA has been on the forefront of this with its Bio Awake family of fabrics that use natural dyes to deliver conscious choices for natural color and fiber alternatives for denim. Its Vegan Denim group features Earth-derived colors such as sand, forest, clay and henna, which reflect and protect the beauty and fragility of our natural environment.

The mill’s handprint is in the EarthColors® by Archroma technology, which creates fully traceable biosynthetic dyes derived from natural waste products. ORTA’s henna producer, natural dye supplier AMA Herbal, harvests leaves twice a year to generate the dye.

Bio Awake also has introduced Rebirth, made with a compostable PLA (Polylactic Acid) biopolymer derived from grain (mainly corn) and other plants containing sugar, cane and starch.

“The Bio Awake collection is a feat of eco-conscious beauty,” said Zennure Danışman, marketing and wash manager at ORTA. “The recollected and repurposed blend of net-positive fibers and Earthborn colors are either harvested for positive biodiversity or bio-designed from food-grade waste.”

The physical and emotional durability of ORTA’s consciously constructed fabrics also previews the future of brave new denim possibilities. With that vision, ORTA and Turkish designer brand EzraTuba collaborated to produce their own version of Graphene Denim. Derived from carbon, Graphene can conduct electricity, thermo-regulate temperature and fight bacteria, and is one of the strongest, thinnest and most flexible materials in the textile industry.

ORTA Graphene Denim is 99 percent efficient in providing active protection against viruses and bacteria, the manufacturer said.

“Whether it’s through offering nostalgia with a modern edge, earth-derived conscious colors, new dimensions in recycled and repurposed closed-loop blends or next-generation denim performance, ORTA’s Scenic Route collection is a testament to the emotional and physical longevity of denim,” Danışman said.

Learn more about how the ORTA BLU sustainability platform aims to create a future where denim is designed, produced, consumed and disposed of in radically different ways.