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Panther Denim Debuts Retro Dye for Sustainable, Colorful Jeans

The trend for colored denim is on the rise, and it’s clear that the market demands a sustainable solution to make it possible.

Additionally, the Y2K trend has brought about a resurgence of interest in the distressed and faded looks that dominated denim at the turn of the century.

But what’s the best solution to combine the best of both worlds? Panther Denim believes it has the answer, having developed a sustainable color denim that can be distressed and washed just like indigo denim.

Panther has introduced “Retro Dye,” a dye that infuses fabrics with a vintage aesthetic and is the future of eco-fade. The key benefit of this dye is that it uses significantly less water than regular reactive dye, making it more sustainable. Additionally, the dye boasts a diverse array of colors, making it an ideal choice for colored denim.

“The challenge of finding a garment dye laundry that’s also skilled in vintage washing is no longer a concern with Retro Dye,” said Tim Huesemann, sales director at Panther Denim. “It can be washed by traditional denim laundries without the need for garment dye facilities, making it an easier and more convenient option for brands. Wash it like indigo, wear it like denim, enjoy it like chinos.”

Panther Denim’s developments have been focused on two key areas—reducing its impact and becoming more sustainable in every single process of its work, and creating meaningful fabrics that provide benefits to consumers. This includes building the long-lasting denim textiles that shoppers expect, as well as integrating performance properties through solutions such as thermoregulating fibers.

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The denim mill’s philosophy extends to its other indigo products, like its new shade Sunglow Blue, which is produced with inherent vintage character during the indigo-dyeing process, saving dye in the tinting process and making jeans production more sustainable. The shade is inspired by the sunset, “when your favorite jeans look tinted under the brightness and glow of the setting sun.” Sunglow Blue is part of the new shades of their Trilogy of Blue collection, which also includes Snow Blue and Royston Blue.

Panther also introduced Hippy Denim, a fashion-forward concept that features denim fabrics built with extra colors like rustic red and vintage brown. This helps save the overdyeing process at laundries, benefiting both the laundry and the environment.

In addition to its sustainable products, the company is also committed to sustainable operations. Panther is increasing its solar energy usage from 25 percent of total energy to 33 percent in 2023. As part of its dedication to make a positive impact, the company is constantly researching sustainable development options within its factory.

“At Panther Denim, we’re committed to transparency, and we proudly disclose all our dyeing, weaving and finishing information to our buyers,” said Huesemann. “We believe that the best way to provide sustainable products is by starting with raw materials and skipping unnecessary garment finishing processes.”

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