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This Kickstarter Will Make You a Custom Pair of Jeans Without a Tailor

In 2020, you don’t go to a tailor for a custom pair of jeans—you go to a mechanical engineer.

Dr. Soohong Park, who studied mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins University and Cambridge University, is changing the way jeans are made with his smart tape measure, PIE, available through Kickstarter.

It all starts with a design kit, a package that customers receive in the mail consisting of a smart tape measure, two denim swatches and a voucher. Using a tool that looks and functions just like a standard tape measure, users are instructed to measure eight different parts of their lower body the same way a tailor would—only PIE stores all of the data virtually, minimizing room for error and producing a piece with a tailor’s precision. Customers are then sent a sample pattern to ensure fit, and receive their custom jeans shortly thereafter.

“Shopping for jeans can be a struggle,” the company states on Kickstarter. “Sizes vary from label to label. Brick-and-mortar stores have limited stock. Ordering online almost guarantees returns. Finally, [we have] the answer: jeans made especially for you with a true artisan’s touch.”

Bagel Labs launched a Kickstarter campaign for PIE, a smart tape measure that promises custom jeans with a precise fit.
PIE custom jeans Courtesy

PIE connects to an app that allows users to track and further customize their order. There, they choose between a light or dark wash, regular or slim straight style, and a personalized monogram inside the waistband.

PIE’s made-to-order process eliminates overstock and in turn reduces waste.

PIE, a product of Seoul-based Bagel Labs, was previously designed to be a fitness tracker. Its 2018 Kickstarter successfully raised $77,215—more than double its goal—before partnering with Japanese denim mill Kuroki to bring the product to the jeans industry. Since November 2019, the campaign has raised more than $13,000 of its $20,000 goal, with a deadline of Jan. 25.

New backers can pay $119 to support the Kickstarter and receive a design kit and a pair of jeans, or they can pay $233 for a design kit and two pairs. Following the Kickstarter’s Jan. 25 deadline, jeans are slated to be delivered in March.