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Prym Fashion Introduces Low Impact Fasteners for Apparel

Sustainable apparel brands have a new eco alternative to traditional metal trims.

German trims supplier Prym Fashion introduced L.I.F.E. Certified fasteners at Premiere Vision in Paris this week. Short for Low Impact Fastener Ensemble, the line of fasteners is manufactured to significantly lower the process and environmental footprint of the company’s products compared to conventional manufacturing processes.

The trims were developed by Prym Fashion’s plant in Lecco, Italy, where the company has spent several years perfecting the finishing processes with the goal to minimize the environmental impact of fasteners while also ensuring the quality and longevity of the finish.

L.I.F.E. Certified metal fasteners are available in dozens of finishes based on brass, copper and stainless-steel based materials.

“The production of metal fasteners for apparel and leather goods involves a broad spectrum of processes and finishes, including electroplating, chemical coloring and coating—all of which require a substantial amount of resources and materials,” said Brian Moore, chief executive officer of Prym Fashion. “Our goal for our L.I.F.E. Certified program is to produce a wide range of finishes through more environmentally friendly processes, allowing customers to use Prym fasteners that contribute to their overall sustainability objectives.”

The L.I.F.E. Certified process reportedly requires 65 percent less water, 16 percent less electricity and 98 percent fewer chemicals than traditional manufacturing. The collection also reduces hazardous waste by 85 percent.

Prym tapped Made-By, a non-profit advocating for sustainability across the apparel supply chain, to validate its resource savings.

“Any Prym Fashion fastener that is L.I.F.E. Certified will adhere to one or more of these principles, regardless of where they are produced, and we look forward to introducing additional products in the months ahead,” said Philipp Osthaus, manager of sustainable products for Prym Fashion.