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Selfsized: Jeans That Fit Everyone in the Room

Selfsized, which was first launched for S/S 20, received industry praise, thanks to its unique feature enabling one single-size jean to fit a wide range of differently sized wearers perfectly. All Selfsized denim products have been developed with Calik Denim’s T-Power technology to eliminate elastane yarn slippage.

The Selfsized fabric concept is defined by its authentic cotton touch but ultra-high elasticity that offers enhanced softness and comfort. Through this article, Calik Denim customers can achieve a wide range of wash effects to suit core and commercial denim offerings. Included in the portfolio are feminine and premium looks with soft hand feel, authentic denim-look fabrics with salt & pepper effects and a range of vintage washes. Selfsized is also a compatible option for men’s wear, evident through textured slub character for that classic masculine look. These jeans really are for everyone and you don’t need to worry about your size anymore.

Selfsized helps brands minimize the risk of online sales

Thanks to Selfsized’s ultra high-elasticity and cotton content for maximum comfort and softness, the concept minimizes the risk of buying the wrong size jeans–especially in e-commerce. Given that the digitally native Gen Z audience is regarded as a generation of impulses purchasers, Selfsized’s stretch technology will help protect brands from the chance of returns from this group. Selfsized also dramatically decreases the number of sizes that will be produced at the garment manufacturing stage and help support stronger sell-through and less waste for Calik Denim clients.

Scaling back on SKUs to trade on quality over quantity has its risks, but done right with the support of Calik technologies, Calik Denim can help businesses streamline their supply chain, improve speed to market, and a more confident and cohesive brand message can be communicated. Given the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the forced store closures across the globe, Calik Denim believes this innovation will be a crucial element for brands looking to future-proof their businesses online.

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Supply chain reshoring puts Turkey into focus

Whilst the priority at present is to contain the spread of this deadly virus and help the individuals affected, as an industry we’re all too aware of the impact on the fashion supply chain and our potential over-reliance on Far East production. The disruption is undoubtedly hastening many retailers and suppliers to reassess their supply chains within the global textile industry. It is expected that Turkey will take on an even stronger leading role as a producer beyond the pandemic, especially for countries that are dependent on foreign production. Turkey’s expert history in denim production along with its central position within Europe will make it a crucial proposition for brands and retailers, whose fast-track and capsule collections are dependent on very short lead times and high flexibility from suppliers and factories.

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