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Stony Creek Colors Brings Natural Indigo Dye Direct to Consumers

After more than 18-months of research and development, Stony Creek Colors introduces IndiGold, which the company said is the world’s first prereduced natural indigo liquid dye.

Stony Creek Colors produces traceable, plant-based dyes and its new indigo product is USDA-certified as 100 percent made from plants. The company is launching its newest innovation to professional dyers and home consumers through a 30-day Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that aims to raise $16,000 to support DTC production efforts of IndiGold at a sizable scale.

The campaign offers IndiGold in many reward forms, most notably as an Easy Indigo Dye Kit, along with other plant-based products and novel dye applications. Pre-orders of the product are available exclusively through Kickstarter during the month of November and the company intends for IndiGold to become commercially available early in the second quarter of next year.

“We believe the highly sought-after technology of IndiGold represents the future of indigo dyeing,” Sarah Bellos, founder and CEO of Stony Creek Colors, said. “Not only is it 100 percent plant-based, it has the ability to help solve excessive chemical use in fashion supply chains and democratize the home dyeing experience.”

Stony Creek Colors has introduce IndiGold, a pre-reduced natural indigo liquid dye, as a DTC product on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.
The IndiGold Kit Courtesy

Since its inception in 2012, Stony Creek has been providing natural colors to some of the world’s leading fashion brands and mills, supporting denim collections for such labels as Wrangler, Levi’s, Lucky Brand and Patagonia.

Now, Stony Creek is bringing the same industry-disrupting technology directly to individuals in professional dyer and DIY craft communities.

IndiGold skips the chemicals typically used to reduce an indigo vat and uses electricity and water as the reducing agent. This means no added chemicals other than pH modifiers to ensure the solubility of the leuco-indigo, the company noted. As an entirely plant-based solution, it can be truly free of aniline unlike its pre-reduced synthetic counterpart which has recently come under scrutiny for containing hazardous chemicals like benzene, cyanide and formaldehyde.

Artisans, professional garment dyers and denim mills will appreciate how IndiGold allows for speed and ease-of-use to achieve clear, consistent blues without the need for chemical-reducing agents, Stony Creek noted. It is intentionally designed to be accessible for at-home dyers of all skill levels and experience.

Crowdfunding allows consumers and independent designers to directly influence the initial growth of IndiGold as a sustainable solution to an industry-wide problem.