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This Global Collaboration Examines the Many Sides of Sustainable Denim

From workwear and the runway, to the new genderless take on utility, time after time denim proves it is a universally beloved fabric. Lenzing’s new Sustainable Denim Wardrobe, called Broadband, showcases the breadth of denim today in a sustainable way.

In Broadband, Lenzing and a group of global supply chain partners examine how denim is free from the confines of seasonal of trends and “might not even contain cotton or be made from a woven fabric construction.” Centered on environmentally conscious production, the capsule collection redefines denim with unique fabrics that combine Tencel Lyocell and Tencel x Refibra Lyocell fibers, cotton, linen, recycled cotton, and spandex.

As consumers are beginning to view their apparel from a sustainability mindset, designers are under greater pressure to provide more options to fit their lifestyles.

Broadband Collection
Broadband Collection Courtesy

The collection embodies this variety by bringing together two completely different denim categories: softwear and hardwear. Softwear features the fluid and soft qualities denim fabrics embodying the hallmark characteristics of Tencel Lyocell. The feminine pieces are balanced with hardwear, a range of traditional and tailored garments “that takes pleasure in the detailed minutiae of vintage garment construction.”

Garments in the collection include a drapey laser-printed denim top, an aged chore jacket and high-waisted worker trousers.

“Sustainable denim production requires innovative thinking that extends beyond just raw materials and production methods,” Tricia Carey, director of global business development for denim at Lenzing Group, said. “To truly attain sustainability, companies must also seek out non-traditional ways of working together. When we created the Sustainable Denim Wardrobe collaboration, we discovered new depths of partnership and new ways to share knowledge, supporting commercial innovation.”

Broadband Collection
Broadband Collection Courtesy

Collaborators for the Sustainable Denim Wardrobe include mills A&A, Anubha, Atlantic Mills, Candiani, Indigo Istanbul, Kaihara, KG Denim, Mozartex, Orta and Stella Blue. Garment processing was provided by Jeanologia. Escuela de Arte Superior y de Diseño de Valencia provided design input for the softwear line. U.K.-based specialists Endrime and Blackhorse Lane Ateliers provided the design and garment making for hardwear.

Broadband is Lenzing’s third Sustainable Denim Wardrobe collection. The first collection in 2017 focused on mixing wovens and knits, casual and formal, and men’s and women’s. The 2018 collection emphasized sustainable ways to use color in denim.