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A New Web Series Demystifies Denim Finishing

Part of responsible denim production involves brands and companies throughout the supply chain educating consumers. As shoppers learn more about the industry’s impact on the environment and their role in it, they can adjust their behavior—and direct their spending—accordingly.

Denim finishing technology company Tonello is tackling this head on with a web series that illustrates its machinery in use. In five short videos, “The Laundry (R)evolution” series educates viewers on Tonello’s processes and outlines the ways it has improved its technology to reduce water and energy usage.

“Talking to all players of our business, we realized the increasingly more important request of the real data concerning the garments finishing process,” said Alice Tonello, marketing and R&D director at Tonello. “We decided to create this innovative and unique web series where we explain—in an easy and immediate way—how we manage to create innovation that allows our machineries to use seven liters of water to wash a pair of jeans instead the usual 150 liters used in regular production.”

The series has already published the first two of five videos on all official Tonello channels, including YouTube. The first, titled “The Beginning,” is an animated video that shows the three-step finishing process the company uses in its Metro machine. The video description notes that the series stemmed from a need for greater transparency in the industry.

The second video, “The Concreteness,” builds off the first and shows an actual pair of jeans going through the finishing process, helping to show consumers—many for the first time—all of the steps required for denim distressing. Throughout the process, samples of water are taken to show its purity upon finishing.

The three remaining episodes document each of the steps in detail, beginning with the “First Step: Laser Blaze,” which shows how the company is able to replace manual scraping with laser technology. The next episode details the “Second Step: The All-In-One System and OBleach…Together!” which explains how its NoStone, ECOfree 2, Up, Core, and OBleach technologies work together to reduce consumption and waste throughout the process.

The last episode, “Third Step: Metro, The Measure of Transparency,” explains its technology that captures data from each part of the process and provides complete transparency into the entire system.

Tonello has been in business since 1981 and has an array of product lines, including washing, dyeing, Ozone, Laser Blaze, Brush and Spray, dry and Eco technologies.