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US Denim Mills Reimagines Seasonless Denim with First Workwear Line

As consumers return to in-person work across sectors, apparel brands must seriously consider consumer preferences in determining what “back to work” attire truly entails.

Taking a cue from that, US Denim Mills, part of US Apparel & Textiles in Lahore, Pakistan, is introducing a first-ever workwear collection called STURDENIM in its seasonless line.

As the name STURDENIM implies, this range is all about sturdy, high-performance durability, abrasion resistance and adaptive functionality for every profession. Amid such high demand for versatility, this workwear collection combines specialized yarns atop new and innovative chemical finishes.

In unveiling this toute la saison collection, US Denim Mills aims to reimagine denim in a way that is ideal for denim lovers who adore adventure combined with comfort, and want to look classy.

With this launch, US Denim Mills is keeping in line with its responsible roots. As a sustainable business, US Apparel & Textiles is constantly monitoring its environmental impact from the raw material to the end product, even launching its first sustainability report in 2020.

Versatility and durabilitythe heart of STURDENIM!

STURDENIM is a versatile denim workwear range for specialists in certain fields to look chic at work yet in proper gear that upholds modern professional requirements—from aviators and artists to bikers and plumbers.

US Denim Mills wants to use its innovative engineered fabrics to place consumers’ personal style and profession hand in hand so they could be their most stylish selves—even at work. This can make the otherwise tough working environment a little easier, especially with capabilities including thermal transmission, moisture absorption, stain and water resistance, anti-bacterial/viral properties, high abrasion resistance and adaptive performance.

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US Denim Mills has captured STURDENIM’s essence of “Denim Reimagined” in this collection of five different attires:

Denim Joe

1. Denim Joe (aviators/naval engineers):

This denim wear is designed with a specialized finishing technique to create a multipurpose product that can repel and resist water and any liquid stains. This product serves as the perfect attire for aeronautical and marine engineers/workers.


2. Roadie (biker wear):

This product is for those who want to embrace their adventurous side. The unique construction combines specialized yarns and materials designed to enable it to survive approximately 85,000 abrasion resistance cycles. A true “adventure partner” on the roads, the rugged denim is manufactured to be ready to face any unforeseen situation while the wearer is on a journey.


3. Scoria (mechanic/electrician/plumber wear):

This versatile denim product is designed with plumbers, mechanics and electricians in mind. The product range covers both heavyweight and lightweight denim to cater to all genders and sizes. There is no special yarn or finish included here in this concept, rather the value is in its suitable fabric construction and garment design.


4. Sofina (painter/artist):

The lightweight product has a classic denim look combined with a gentle hand feel so that one can be comfortable while painting or drawing.


5. Dazzle (activewear):

Dazzle denim is developed with special yarns and includes adaptive performance capabilities including moisture wicking and absorption, as well as thermal transmission. This product range focuses on activewear, which covers sportswear, gymwear, workout gear and even climbing attire.

US Group is the preferred choice of denim connoisseurs around the globe as a reliable vertically integrated, purpose-built denim and jeans manufacturer with a workforce of more than 20,000 employees, and an annual capacity to produce 29 million garments and 39 million meters of fabric. Our forte is to provide a holistic experience to both our brand customers and end consumers.

This year, we are bringing you something extra. Click here to see our digital brochure containing our latest “Phygital Collection” for A/W 22/23.