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WOX Brings AI to Ozone Bleaching and Denim Finishing

Wiser Tech is an innovation and technology company that has set out to change the current textile industry. Based in Turkey, the world-class R&D center has been working on advanced technologies that will revolutionize denim finishing processes. “WOX, the first product of these technologies, physically consists of an ozone drum and generator, but in spirit, it was designed as a network object that provides data to artificial intelligence algorithms,” said Fuat Gozacan, founder of Wiser Tech. “With this feature, it is a first in the industry.”

Here, Gozacan spoke with Sourcing Journal about its AI-based WOX system and what makes it unique in the denim finishing technologies industry.

You introduced a new ozone finishing technology last month. How did WOX’s journey begin?

The starting point of WOX is based on Wiser Wash, a patented and award-winning ozone bleaching process introduced to the denim industry in 2017. It eliminates the standard pumice stone and toxic chemicals, and bleaches with only 200 ml of water and ozone. Yet the outcome is always gorgeous, with brighter contrasts. Wiser Tech, our innovation and technology company, has been working on advanced technologies that will take the potential of Wiser Wash one step further. That’s how we ended up developing WOX.

What kind of technology does WOX incorporate?

Thanks to its hardware technology, but more importantly, the software algorithms running on the cloud, the “smart” WOX can identify and analyze its processing and maintenance requirements to continue without interruption. In other words, the AI algorithm defines its own needs, getting smarter as it goes, just like when we touch a hot object, our hand burns and we learn not to touch it next time. In the same way, AI algorithms analyze inputs and outputs and make learned inferences for future situations.

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How does WOX help alleviate some of the challenges in denim production?

We have been in the denim industry for more than 25 years, and we know all too well the difficulties experienced during the denim finishing processes, such as long cycle durations, limited production capacity and low-quality bleaching results, WOX improves all these issues with its unique technology based on AI.

So, while designing WOX, we wanted to make the processes more practical. The user-friendly control panel, ergonomic drum and easily accessible filter drawer are some of the features that make the WOX easier to use. The LED Progress Ring on the drum adds a visual element for tracking and following up on the process—each color and flashing set-up in this color modulation represents a different stage. Such benefits let companies use labor much more efficiently.

Wiser Tech’s AI ozone bleaching WOX system
Wiser Tech’s AI ozone bleaching WOX system Courtesy

What are the benefits of using an AI system for ozone use?

First, the amount of ozone required for the process can be precisely adjusted by the user. But more importantly, it maximizes operational and environmental safety during ozone production and post-process disposal. Thanks to the sensors located at different parts of the system and serving different purposes, WOX can diagnose itself; identify and prevent possible abnormalities at all stages of the ozone bleaching process. For example, the life of critical components is monitored by the AI Algorithm. Thus, anomalies that occur towards the end of their life can be detected promptly, without causing a problem or downtime.

How is WOX different from existing ozone machines on the market?

We do not define WOX as an ozone machine, but rather a system that makes the ozone bleaching process smarter and traceable. What we mean here is that WOX technology automatically and constantly follows the ozone machine’s status and immediately detects any failures or malfunctions, allowing the company to identify issues and make improvements.

Therefore, we do not compare it to existing ozone machines on the market. We want it to compete with itself. For this reason, we have created a system that gets better every day with software that is constantly learning and evolving.

To learn more about Wiser Tech’s AI ozone bleaching WOX system, click here.