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Zalando Pilots Virtual Fitting Room for Jeans

A new pilot allows consumers to see how jeans will fit them on a 3D virtual avatar before they decide to purchase.

Berlin-based Zalando introduced a new virtual fitting room experience for jean shopping across all markets to help consumers find the best fitting jeans and reduce costly online returns

With sizing inconsistent from one brand to the next, jeans, according to Zalando, are “one of the most challenging categories” in terms of finding a pair that fits.

The virtual fitting room experience allows consumers to create a 3D avatar by entering their height, weight, and gender. Consumers can see how different sizes from different brands would fit them, with a heatmap indicating where the garment sits tight or loose on the avatar they created. After viewing the jean on their avatar, users can click to go to the product page for more details or to add it to their cart.

The pilot features 22 jeans from brands including Levi’s, Only, Vero Moda and Tommy Jeans. 

Zalando has already run two pilots with clothing from Puma and in-house brand Anna Field. More than 30,000 customers tried the technology during the trials, which ran for several weeks at a time. 

3D avatar

“Our goal with these pilot campaigns is to learn and understand how customers engage with this new technology so we can develop a seamless scalable solution for the future,” said Stacia Carr, Zalando VP of size and fit. “We can already see that customer engagement with these campaigns increases and, in fact, around half of the customers try more than one size on the avatar.”

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Fit is a focus for the e-commerce company. Zalando says it is the only European fashion e-commerce platform to have an in-house team dedicated to size and fit. They use fitting models, machine learning, computer vision and other technologies to predict if garments will run big or small. 

Zalando has also created personalized size recommendations based on a customer’s purchase and return history along with reference items that shoppers can add to their size profile. Zalando reports that for those items where it provides size advice, size-related returns have decreased by 10 percent versus similar items where size advice is not provided.

The size and fit team is also working in parallel on a body measurement feature, which will allow customers to receive personalized advice based on their actual measurements. The company said it will roll out the feature in the upcoming months.

“We want to support the industry as it continues to adopt and leverage 3D digital design software and workflows to produce fashion,” Carr said. “These processes generate digital assets necessary to scale a virtual try-on experience.”