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Advance Denim Discusses How Partnerships Create More Sustainable Products

While the denim industry has a history of contributing to pollution, Advance Denim has started finding sustainable alternatives to shift the narrative. 

The denim mill’s focus on sustainable innovation has led to multiple groundbreaking innovations, including the development of BigBox Dyeing, which saves over 95 percent of the water needed to dye indigo, and BioBlue Indigo.

Now, Advance Denim is working toward lowering its carbon footprint year over year. However, the team realizes that they need to look both inward to its manufacturing process and outward by partnering with suppliers that share the same goal of continuous sustainable improvement and a reduced carbon footprint to do so.

In accordance, Advance Denim is proud to announce that Advance Sico—a branch of Advance Denim based in Nha Trang Vietnam created to better serve its customers and diversify its manufacturing base—is partnering with Good Earth Cotton to lower its carbon footprint. Good Earth Cotton is the first climate-positive cotton program backed by FibreTrace, a company that tracks the hidden impacts within manufacturing processes, ensuring fiber integrity and understanding, communicating and accelerating product sustainability.

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Their regenerative farming practices have been proven to minimize the global environmental footprint of their cotton while maximizing soil health, which is accomplished through a combination of carbon sequestration, soil enrichment, effective crop rotation, minimum tillage and water efficiency. With this new partnership, Advance Denim plans to utilize their sustainable cotton that is produced through modern regenerative farming.

Advance Sico and Good Earth Cotton are both committed to sustainability and carbon reduction, and both believe that business as usual is not sustainable. In addition, disruption of traditional manufacturing and farming practices are essential to building a more sustainable denim business.

Together, Advance Denim and Good Earth Cotton will offer a fully traceable sustainable denim made from carbon-positive fiber and produced in a mill using clean indigo dying technology.

Advance Denim, a leader in innovation and technology for over 30 years, is leading the charge for a cleaner industry. The company is proud of its heritage as the oldest denim manufacturer in China, and proud of its constant drive to be the most innovative and sustainable denim mill in the world, according to the Advance Denim team. It is this commitment to continual sustainable improvement that drives all aspects of denim manufacturing in its China and Advance Sico denim mills.  

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