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Advance Denim’s Big Box Dyeing Is the Next Step in its Commitment to Sustainability

Advance Denim has the distinction of being the oldest denim manufacturer in China and has dedicated its efforts since day one around the core beliefs of innovation, service, quality and people. These core beliefs are the foundation of our day-to-day focus of becoming a world leader in denim. We are also committed to making the most sustainable denim possible, and we are constantly investing in the infrastructure and systems that will help us reach our aggressive sustainability goals.

In early 2019, Advance set an aggressive strategic plan that took a deep look at all of our current processes, and we made a commitment to invest in our systems to make a more sustainable product. We made some big strides in a short time. We have reduced our energy consumption per yard of fabric by 42 percent since 2013. This saving is the result of applications of energy-efficient machine replacements and equipment upgrades.

We have also added a state-of-the-art emissions tracking system to constantly ensure our thermal power plant is well below national standards for air pollutants. We reduced our water consumption 58 percent by investing in a brand-new reverse-osmosis recycling system that will be able to recycle 100 percent of the wastewater in our finishing process.

Since fiber is at the heart of all denim, Advance Denim has set an aggressive strategic goal that dramatically increases the percentage of sustainable green fibers used in our product line. Over the next five years, we will increase our total use of green fibers to over 90 percent of our total production. This is a significant commitment, but we feel that it is necessary and achievable.

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We are very excited about the gains that we have made, but we are still looking at opportunities to clean up our process. The next step has been to take a good hard look at our indigo dye range and see if we can make a more sustainable true indigo shade.

We knew that we could produce a sulfur shade that gets close to indigo, but in the end, it wasn’t indigo. We realized that in order to improve our dye process and use traditional true indigo, we would have to come up with a big idea, and we worked closely with our industry partners to think outside the box and make a big investment in the future of sustainable indigo dyeing.

Introducing Big Box Dyeing from Advance Denim

Big Box dyeing is a revolutionary indigo dye process that reduces water consumption in the dye process by up to 85 percent. It also reduces wastewater completely and decreases energy consumption by 25 percent.

Big Box dyeing also diminishes the amount of chemicals needed to dye indigo by 35 percent. It does this by shrinking the traditional combination of at least 17 wash boxes and dye boxes down to just one big box. Big Box Dyeing from Advance Denim will use aniline-free liquid indigo from Archroma to produce the deep, dark, true indigo shade one has come to expect from traditional dyeing. Big Box Dyeing also produces a consistent clean indigo shade both side-to-side and end-to-end.

At Advance Denim, “True to Denim” has been our motto. In searching for a more sustainable dye process, we wanted to hold fast to this intention. Big Box dyeing is the new truly sustainable indigo dyeing that is the future. We invested in Big Box dyeing so that our customers could wash down to the many different levels of color in vintage jeans and not have to change their wash formulas in order to try and mimic indigo.

At Advance Denim, we believe in indigo and have a commitment to sustainability and the environment. We knew it would take a big idea to combine these two passions, the result is Big Box Dyeing. We are excited about this new innovation and will continue to invest in both sustainability and the future of denim.

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