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Candiani Denim Prepares to Reopen Next Week

Italian companies are putting the steps in place to reopen next week, including “greenest mill in the blue world” Candiani Denim.

Owner Alberto Candiani took to Instagram Tuesday to confirm that the mill founded by his great-grandfather in 1938 will reopen on May 4, albeit with the necessary precautions for workers’ health and safety.

The company, he said, has spent the past few days carefully implementing the government-mandated protocols to ensure all of its operations can resume in complete safety for its workers. “That remains our number-one priority,” Candiani said.

The mill, located outside of Milan in the middle of Ticino Park, stopped production in March when Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte issued a mandate to shut down all nonessential manufacturing activities in the country in an effort to slowdown the spread of the coronavirus. Manufacturers, construction companies and some wholesalers will be allowed to reopen from May 4, followed by retailers two weeks later, Reuters reported.

As the mill begins to restart manufacturing, Candiani urged his followers to take a close look at the company’s latest sustainable collection. “We believe the connection between our health, the planet’s health and the industry’s health is today a little tighter,” he said.

Prior to the lockdown, Candiani Denim managed to send out its new Reboot collection, a family of fabrics that aims to eliminate waste while leaving a positive effect on the environment. The collection includes the 2019 ITMA award-winning circular denim fabric, ReGen, as well as ReLast, ReSolve and Coreva, the world’s first biodegradable stretch denim.

“I believe we’re all very happy to get back to work, but we also know that the future will require major efforts and even sacrifices in order to adapt to a new unprecedented environment like the one we’re about to face,” Candiani said.