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Artistic Fabric Mills Adopts Aware Traceability Technology

Artistic Fabric Mills (AFM) is taking one step forward towards full transparency.

The Karachi, Pakistan-based vertically integrated denim manufacturer has partnered with Dutch clean-tech startup Aware to make its sustainable denim fabrics 100 percent traceable and easily verifiable for brands and partners.

Through Aware traceability technology, AFM can track the fiber, yarn and final garment through every step of the supply chain. This allows the company to “concretely prove to brands and consumers that their products are all made from the original sustainable materials.”

Incorporating the traceability technology into the manufacturing process is a simple.

At the beginning of production, a physical tracer is added to the sustainable material creating an “unique fingerprint.” Simultaneously, a “digital twin” of the yarn or fabric is registered on secure public blockchain. A simple scan can distinguish false material from genuine sustainable fabric. As the scan happens and the unique fingerprint is detected, it will be matched with the digital twin stored in the blockchain.

Brands and consumers have direct access to all traceability data, including original certifications, materials used, where it’s made and impact savings.

The technology gives AFM better control over its supply chain and will help verify the sustainable goals it’s working toward, including achieving closed-loop manufacturing by 2022.

“With the need for transparency in the supply chain, this is an important step for AFM to show that as a vertical supplier, all aspects of our operations are controlled and closely monitored to be aligned with our circular and sustainable goals,” said Muhammad Iqbal Ahmed, AFM chairman. “We believe that it is imperative that our partners have full belief and trust in our practices from raw materials through to the end production of garments.”

Aware is a popular blockchain solution in the denim sector. Denim Deal signatories such as Dutch brand Kings of Indigo and Turkish denim mill Calik Denim use the technology. Calik recently partnered with the company to trace its recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

“Traceability is essential as 59 percent of sustainability claims by fashion brands [are] found to be greenwashing,” said Feico van der Veen, Aware founder and CEO. “Artistic Fabric Mills and Aware are headed towards a strong partnership to tell the real story behind their denim.”