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Artistic Milliners Launches Closed Loop Denim Program with I:CO

Artistic Milliners has long been focused on sustainability, and the Pakistan-based denim maker is now looking to close the loop on its production process.

The first denim fabric and garment manufacturer in Pakistan to embark on closed loop denim project with I:CO, Artistic is looking for a future-facing solution to sustainability.

According to Artistic Milliners director of sales and marketing Ebru Ozaydin, the I:CO project will facilitate the annual production of 12 million meters of closed loop denim.

As part of the closed loop process, I:CO rounds up post-consumer materials from collection centers across the world, which Artistic Milliners then purchases for use. The used jeans are then shredded to form cotton fibers that are processed to make yarn, and ultimately be made into fabric.

Artistic Milliners’ recycled fabric then makes its way to garment factories that manufacturer the finished product for brands and retailers so consumers can spend their dollars on recycled-cotton jeans. Finishing the loop, consumers can then return their used garments to collection points, and the process begins again.

“The closed loop denim provides the basis for the sustainable, economic solution of the future–the circular economy,” Ozaydin said.

Artistic Milliners also makes fabric from Unifi Inc’s Repreve recycled polyester derived from post-consumer recycled water bottles.

The manufacturer is also working on new fabric designs for the coming fall season using fabrics with Lenzing Tencel with Refibra technology for its Adriano Collection. Tencel fibers with Refibra are made from pulp that contains cotton scraps left over from cutting operations and wood.