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Artistic Milliners Lends a Helping Hand to Man’s Best Friend

A dog’s best friend might be Artistic Milliners.

The Pakistan-based denim company’s latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative looks to address the stray dog problem near its facilities in Karachi. In less developed areas of the city, street animals are prone to a number of dangers, including random attacks by humans who fear the dogs carry diseases into the community.

The company launched a “Paws ‘N’ Play” campaign alongside Karachi-based animal rights organization Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF), a group dedicated to creating a more livable space for stray animals. The program reinforces the message that all natural elements and living beings are interconnected.

“Inclusivity and respect are the right of every individual including the most vulnerable creatures of our society: street animals,” said Faiza Jamil, Artistic Milliners general manager of corporate responsibility and communications. “We believe that inclusivity is meant for all living beings. We must learn to co-exist in the natural harmony as we share our space on this planet with other animals and flora and fauna.”


Artistic Milliners launched a “Paws ‘N’ Play” campaign to assuage the stray dog problem in Karachi and reinforce sustainability stance.
Artistic Milliners’ Paws N Play Courtesy


The campaign promotes the “trap, neuter, vaccinate, release” (TNVR) method that’s practiced around the world to manage the stray dog population and mitigate the threat of rabies for animals and people. Artistic Milliners also donated denim jackets and dog collars for the rescued animals, offering both comfort for the dogs and a source of inspiration for those in the apparel space looking to capitalize on the growing dog apparel business.

The second phase of the campaign involves awareness sessions conducted by ACF. Artistic Milliners volunteers will join the ACF Animal Rescue team to vaccinate stray dogs in the surrounding communities and open dog houses and feeding stations throughout the city.

The project follows the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability internally and within its community. In 2020, the company launched Milliner Cotton Organic, a program promoting visibility and workers’ rights throughout the entire scope of the cotton supply chain, from picking to spinning. The program especially benefits cotton pickers—often women—who, through the program, are able to access life skills training and better picking resources.

Artistic Milliners further supports women through initiatives like HERessentials, a pilot program from global nonprofit BSR, the organization behind HERproject, a collaborative initiative that strives to empower low-income women working in global supply chains.