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Denim and Textile Manufacturer Arvind Limited Joins Fashion for Good

Indian textile manufacturer Arvind Limited has joined forces with Fashion for Good, a leading collective of fashion industry innovators promoting sustainable practices.

Arvind has long been a proponent of using sustainable processes in creating its denim, knits and woven fabrics, working to conserve water and energy while limiting the use of harmful chemicals, according to the company’s website.

Sustainability and innovation are our key strategic growth pillars and we have always attempted the adoption of innovation in textile manufacturing,” said Punit Lalbhai, a member of the board of directors for Arvind Limited in a release. “We are pleased to partner with Fashion for Good and are committed to promote the sustainable technologies originating from the FFG platform. We are looking forward to work with these technologies to fuel the next set of growth in manufacturing for us with the aim of growing with drastically less environmental impact.”

Fashion for Good promotes the idea of a circular economy, supporting efforts to make fashion supply chains safer, healthier and more efficient. The organization focuses on “sparking and scaling technologies and business models that have the greatest potential to transform the industry,” according to its website. It also serves as a platform to “connect brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations, innovators and funders to work together in their shared ambition to make the fashion industry a force for good.”

Fashion for Good’s managing director Katrin Ley said that “all of the innovators and stakeholders are gaining in-depth knowledge and support from a unique pioneer in manufacturing,” referring to the partnership with Arvind Limited in a press release. “We are immensely proud to see the entire fashion ecosystem come together, to implement and scale innovative solutions across the fashion value chain.”

Arvind Limited’s expertise might come into play with Fashion for Good’s Plug-and-Play Accelerator. In March of this year, Fashion for Good initiated 10 innovative startups including Checkerspot, Dimpora, FARFARM, FastFeetGrinded, IndiDye, Indigo Mills Designs, MonoChain, pondTextile, Pure Waste Textiles and VeChain into the educational program. The companies will work through a 12-week curriculum that includes mentorship and business development opportunities with corporate partners.