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Sustainable Fabrics and Finishing Come Together In Berto’s New Collection

The denim industry is well versed in what makes a partnership successful.

Italian denim mill Berto unveiled an inspirational collection of garments made with its most sustainable fabrics. The garments have been made and treated by Blue Matters in Turkey, a fully integrated green factory newly established by Ereks and Era group.

The Berto-Blue Matters (BBM) collection allow both companies to put their best foot forward. The fabrics in the collection come from Berto’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection and are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. The mill also incorporated some Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified fabrics from the PG Denim collection fabrics, which have an authentic look unique to denim.

Featuring 14 garments designed by young designer Beril Karabiyik, all of the garments have been treated with respect to the environment and no permanganate, chlorine or stone was used in the wash process. All of the garments achieved low impact “green” scores determined by Environmental Impact Measurement software from sustainable technology company Jeanologia.

The collection is available on Berto and Blue Matters’ virtual showrooms.

Berto unveiled an inspirational collection of garments made with its most sustainable fabrics and treatments by Blue Matters in Turkey.
BBM collection Courtesy

Blue Matters, which is up and running since the start of the year, builds on Ereks decade-long commitment to sustainability. The center’s responsible production and washing platforms incorporate circular design principles established by the Ellen MacArthur Jeans Redesign program. The center also strongly emphasizes digitization, which allows the company to monitor materials, impacts and outcomes more efficiently.

“We realized that this vision requires synergy and collaboration with the most valuable denim producers and Berto is definitely one of them,” said Eylem Temizkan, Blue Matters board member and partner.

The partnership aligns with Berto’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the family-owned company’s dedication to supporting other stakeholders in the denim supply industry. Berto CEO Flavio Berto said the next decade will be shaped by sharing its sustainable philosophy with partners.

“We are pleased that the first capsule was made by a new and green company like Blue Matters,” he said.