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Berto Drops the Financial Burden of Minimum Orders for New Talent

The high cost of supplies is just one expense that makes fashion design a notoriously challenging trade for new talent. A new program by Italian denim manufacturer Berto aims to help break down the industry’s exclusivity, and in particular, democratize access to high-end fabrics.

In order to support small businesses, the fourth-generation family-owned company recently launched “Su Misura,” or Italian for “custom-built,” an initiative that affords access to Berto’s high-quality, premium materials with fast delivery without minimum order quantities.

The goals of the project, Berto stated, are to assist new and young designers who cannot afford high minimums and to help sustain the market by meeting the demand for speed, uniqueness and quality. Additionally, by requiring no minimum order designers can avoid the risk of buying more fabric than they need, which often leads to deadstock or textile waste.

The program is a win-win for emerging designers, many of whom have to overcome numerous barriers to fund their capital-intensive endeavors.

Nurturing new talent in the competitive fashion world has been always been important to the denim mill. “Over the years we’ve always had a special attention to [emerging designers], but with this new project we want to consolidate our support towards emerging markets,” said Flavio Berto, Berto CEO.

The Su Misura fabric collection varies from 100 percent denim fabrics to printed or dyed fabrics and the unique weaves which Berto is known for. All fabrics are all OEKO-TEX certified and can be viewed on Berto’s digital showroom.