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Calik Denim’s New App Streamlines Product Development

Will the next “It” item in denim be developed from the convenience of a smartphone?

Calik Denim is putting that technology in place. The Turkey-based denim mill recently launched a new app developed to help designers connect the dots between fabric sourcing and fashion trends.

Available to Calik clients, the app provides designers a one-stop shop for matching denim fabrics with global trends. On the app, buyers and designers will find lists of the top fits for men and women from around the world, as well as image galleries based on color, finishing, fabrics and styling trends. Users can tap their favorite trends to see which fabrics from Calik will give them a similar result.

Additional features allow users to search for specific fabrics through a filter option and to request samples from their designated Calik sales representative. Different washing recipes are also available on the app.

To develop the app, Calik examined the process of creating a collection. “Designers first need to follow the latest trends to create their own collections,” said Pinar Demirel Bula, Calik Denim’s marketing manager. The next step is to communicate with their suppliers. “That’s where we come in as their fabric supplier,” she said.

“These days, we all handle everything with our smartphones,” Demirel Bula added. “Our main target is to be a solution partner of our clients and that’s what we always take to the center of every project we do.”

For Calik, Demirel Bula said the app is an “important step towards digitization.” With the motto “ever evolving,” the denim community can expect more outside-the-box thinking from the mill as it continues to develop responsible innovative solutions.

“We keep investing on our brand,” she said. “Responsible innovation is the number one priority for us and have always been—not only for products, but also for every aspect of our business including marketing.”

With this motto in mind, Demirel Bula said Calik will continue to “create concrete innovations, projects and technologies” and the platforms required to share these innovations. “We believe that these investments are an essential means for consistent communication with our business partners,” she said.