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Calik Denim and Good American Collaborate on Jeans That ‘Always Fit’

Perhaps best known by consumers for its size inclusivity and its Kardashian co-founder, Good American has garnered a massive following after launching in just 2016. What consumers may not know is that behind the scenes, its strong supply-chain partnerships are what allow the brand to deliver great-fitting, sustainably made denim.

In October, the brand worked with Turkish mill Calik Denim to create Always Fits denim, a skinny fit, high-rise jean that is available in five size categories ranging from 00 to 32+ with 100 percent stretchability.

The development caters to women’s often fluctuating sizes—a concept that hits especially close to home for a society suddenly forced to stay home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each pair of Always Fits jeans covers a range of 3-4 sizes, remaining flexible for women throughout their lifetime. In turn, this contributes to sustainability as it mitigates the need to discard jeans that no longer fit.

Aside from the inherent sustainability factor of having jeans that can accommodate changes on the scale, Calik developed the denim using sustainable elements and processes, including its Selfsized fabric that contains ultra-high elasticity and cotton for maximum comfort and softness. The special fabric is developed using the mill’s Denethic technology, a wash process that slashes water usage by 15 to 44 percent depending on the wash type: rinse-wash, rinse and enzyme-wash, or bleached.

These savings are especially significant considering that as stretchability increases, its sustainability factor often diminishes as a result of the plastic that’s typically used to create flexibility. By the end of 2021, Calik will procure 90 percent of its denim fabrics from sustainable components.

The mill hopes to inspire others throughout the industry to work together on creative solutions that are better for the surrounding environment. “Collaboration between these two companies on making the sustainably made, perfect fitting denim will make a great example to the industry by showing how valuable partnerships are,” the company said in a statement.

The Always Fits collection is now available on the Good American site, and will be offered at retail locations throughout the U.S. in the near future.