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Calik Denim Postpones Amsterdam Conference

Travel restrictions and safety concerns about the coronavirus have forced another denim industry event to change its course. Turkish denim mill Calik Denim decided to postpone its third annual Ever Evolving Talks event in Amsterdam to April 2021.

The conference was scheduled to take place the day before Kingpins Amsterdam in October, which announced last week its plans to cancel the trade show as well.

“We always put the health and safety of our clients first and we know flexibility is key to resilience,” said Fatih Doğan, Calik Denim general manager. “Given that the only certainty in this ever-evolving global pandemic is that nothing is certain, it has been an easy decision to flex the date for this year’s Ever Evolving Talks by Calik Denim.”

The event will be rescheduled for the day before Kingpins Amsterdam event in April 2021 and will examine fashion’s future and how the new normal forced by the pandemic will play out.

Calik launched the annual conference in 2018 as a catalyst for change, not only in the denim sector but for the fashion industry as a whole. The first event focused on innovation, technology and sustainability. The second event dove deeper into topics like blockchain, Gen Z consumption habits and climate change.

Based on the company’s motto “Ever Evolving,” which emphasizes continuous development, the Ever Evolving Talks by Calik Denim event is intended to bring industry stakeholders together and support their collective development.