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Calik Denim Debuts Antimicrobial Denim Fabric That Require Fewer Washes

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the denim industry’s shift to producing higher-quality garments—and Calik Denim is the latest to provide a timely innovation.

The Turkish denim mill announced a collection of fabrics for Fall/Winter 2021 that have antimicrobial components and require fewer washes on the consumer’s end. Created with Calik Denim’s new Washpro technology and Functionage fabrics, the jeans feature self-cleaning properties that last up to 50 household washings and keep them fresher for longer. Jeans are also enhanced with dualFX technology for comfort and long-lasting form.

The technology serves as a solution for both the customer’s heightened awareness of health and safety, as well as consumers’ growing concern for the environment. By requiring fewer washes, the jeans ultimately use less water and energy during the home laundry process, and contribute less to the microfiber pollution in the world’s oceans.

Aside from its Washpro technology, Calik is also developing new fiber innovations with antiviral properties. It will run lab trials and test processes, with results expected in the coming months.

The mill recently resumed production after taking a six-week break to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Since returning, it has implemented protective and social distancing measures, including using thermal cameras to check for fever, as well as distributing face masks and shields to workers in close quarters. It’s also providing hygiene and safety training to keep workers safe in the aftermath of the pandemic.