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Calik Denim Prepares for the Second Edition of Ever Evolving Talks

Calik Denim wants the denim industry to think out of the box. The mill will host the second installment of Ever Evolving Talks by Calik Denim on Oct. 22, 2019 at the Theater Amsterdam.

Through Ever Evolving Talks, Calik aims to help spur new ideas that will better prepare the industry for the future by hosting a roster of thought leaders from various industries.

“We all need the agents that inspire us to improve our creativity and evolvement,” said Pinar Demirel Bula, Calik Denim marketing manager.

Speakers named for the upcoming event include: former NFL player and NASA astronaut, Leland Devon Melvin; Gen-Z expert and best-selling author of YouthNation, Matt Britton; global ambassador of B Corp Movement, Marcello Palazzi; and founder and CEO of Provenance, Jessi Baker.

Moderators so far include founding partner of the Bear Scouts and denim and sustainability director at WSGN, Dio Kurazawa, and founder and CEO of BJ Cunningham, BJ Cunningham.

Here, Demirel Bula shares what’s in store for the second Ever Evolving Talks and why she believes the event resonates with the denim industry and beyond.

Rivet: What are some factors that made the inaugural event successful?

Pinar Demirel Bula: There are several factors in this success. First, we always analyze our target audience and their needs. We analyze not only the needs of the product, but also their needs of advancement. The idea of bringing a new perspective to the industry by having influential keynote speakers from a variety of global disciplines and sectors—as well as leaders from the our fashion world—on our stage was a right decision.

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The second important factor was to create the right content and invite the right speakers. It was a useful experience to listen to the issues that are closely related to our sector, from both the leaders in our own sector and from the leaders who are far from our sector but who have great experience in their own fields.

And lastly, we never talked about Calik Denim or its products on this platform. Many people were surprised. Because there are many product-oriented events that are done in our sector and we even organize such events from time to time. However, Ever Evolving Talks was an inspiring and future-oriented event that was the only one of its kind in the industry.

Rivet: What qualities do you look for in the speakers you invite?

PDB: Our priority focus is to create the structure by determining the topics that are important for the industry or will shape its future. Then, we search for the speakers who are really unique at their areas of expertise. While choosing the speakers, we attach importance to the field of expertise that can touch and inspire the industry.

Rivet: Who can benefit by attending this event?

PDB: Ever Evolving Talks is an event that the whole fashion world can benefit from because it has not been just built on denim or product issues. We touch on many different areas such as the future, our planet, innovation, new technologies and sustainability. [We look at] new generations and their consuming behaviors, global trends and collaborations. So anyone who touches or is part of the fashion world can participate. Brands, garment makers, suppliers, trade shows, press, academicians, students and even our competitors.