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Modal Indigo Hits ‘Sweet Spot’ for Fashion Time International HK

For Hong Kong-based textile group Fashion Time International HK Ltd., using eco-friendly raw materials is a key part of its sustainability strategy. As part of this action plan, the company sources fibers from Lenzing, including carbon-zero TENCEL™.

Another focus for the group is reducing water and energy consumption. Combining these two priorities, TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology offers low-impact wood-based fibers with the added benefit of reduced resource use. Instead of traditional dyeing, these fibers are dyed while in their liquid form, drastically lowering the amount of water, chemicals and energy needed to achieve the blue hue. A performance quality of the spun-dyed fibers is improved colorfastness, meaning indigo won’t rub off or transfer.

As an emerging new player, Fashion Time International operates mainly in Vietnam with modernized knitting, dyeing and finishing. With TENCEL™ Modal with Indigo Color technology, the manufacturer created textiles ranging from terry and jersey to ribbed materials or denim-style twills, showing the versatility of the modal.

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