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Cone Denim’s New Fabric Reduces Plastic Microfiber Pollution in Oceans

With approximately 35 percent of microplastic waste coming from synthetic textiles, every step to reduce fiber shedding counts.

Cone Denim is stepping up to the challenge with a new production range for Spring/Summer 2021. The mill debuted a line of fabrics made with CiClo technology at Kingpins Amsterdam last week. CiClo by Intrinsic Textile Group is a patent-pending textile technology that reduces synthetic microfiber pollution caused by washing, and minimizes plastic accumulation in landfills due to discarding.

The technology allows plastic-based fibers like polyester to degrade similarly to a natural fiber in marine environments, wastewater treatment plants and landfill conditions. CiClo then becomes a source of soil matter and biogas, which provides energy for waste facilities.

Cone Denim is the first denim mill implement CiClo into its fabrics. This technology provides the platform for making Cone’s CiClo Stretch Denim eco-friendly and a more sustainable stretch solution. The fabric collection has the same hand feel as Cone’s signature S Gene stretch denims and is dyed with the mill’s sustainable Distilled Indigo dye method.

“We are excited to partner with CiClo as the first denim mill to apply this unique technology to create a kinder stretch denim for the planet,” Pierette Scavuzzo, Cone Denim director of product design, said. “There is no compromise on stretch performance, hand or aesthetics and CiClo stretch denims are also offered in Cone’s Distilled Indigo shades, for an even more sustainable denim. The flexibility of the technology opens many opportunities to innovate new denim constructions, creating denim you love to wear with a reduced impact on the environment.”

CiClo technology is compatible with a broad sweep of products, including footwear, accessories, T-shirts, fleece and bottoms.

“We would like to congratulate Cone Denim for being the first denim mill to offer a product line with CiClo technology,” Intrinsic Advanced Materials CEO Andrea Ferris said. “Cone’s passion and leadership to offer sustainable denim fabrics is making a difference in the efforts to reduce synthetic microfiber pollution in our oceans and decrease the accumulation in landfills.”