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Crystal Denim’s Wash Minus- Range Targets Water Usage

Crystal Denim’s latest partnership targets water usage in the farming, washing and home laundry stages of denim’s lifecycle. The Hong Kong-based denim manufacturer recently teamed with antimicrobial technologies leader Noble Biomaterials to produce its Wash Minus- collection. Made with Noble Biomaterials’ new Iconic+ Durable technology, the range has odor-eliminating properties that mean garments require significantly fewer washes.

Launched last April, Ionic+ Durable is a silver-based fabric finish that delivers antimicrobial benefits and has a 50-times wash durability rating. Noble Biomaterials reported the technology can reduce the number of home launderings by 70 percent, saving water, time and energy on the consumer end.

Additionally, the range features Second Life fabric, Crystal Denim’s recycled and circular denim fabric innovation that recycles pre-consumer cut waste from industry peers into new fabric for a closed-loop denim process. The fabric is certified with Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), and includes full traceability so brands know exactly where their denim is coming from. The Wash Minus- range also uses water-efficient washing processes that recycle more than 80 percent of the water used.

Antimicrobial denim saw a surge in popularity during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic as hygiene became a top priority. However, it’s the treatment’s sustainable benefits—achieved by fewer home machine washings—that kept the trend strong as anxiety waned.

“Sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds when creating new innovative products,” said Miles Lam, assistant general manager of Crystal Denim. “We are excited to launch our Wash Minus- collection to further expand our sustainable product range for our customers.”

Crystal Denim teamed with Noble Biomaterials on Wash Minus-, an antimicrobial denim collection that requires fewer home washes.
Crystal Denim Courtesy

Extending a product’s lifecycle is a top focus for the manufacturer, which rolled out 100 percent recyclable jeans last summer. The range was developed in accordance with the Ellen MacArthur Jeans Redesign guidelines and featured jeans made with 98 percent organic cotton, mushroom-derived finishing and no rivets.

The company also recently announced new net zero goals for 2050 and set the interim target of reducing 35 percent aggregate greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.