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Crystal Denim Targets ‘Third Life’ in New Circular Collection

Hong Kong-based Crystal International Group Limited is taking a circular step forward with a denim collection that uses recycled denim fabrics and other sustainable components.

The company announced it developed a line of 10 denim fabrics for men and women called Second Life Denim that provide greater “depth of color shade” and “stronger intensity of weft yarn” compared to traditional recycled fabrics. The collection is made using recycled fabrics certified with Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), as well as sustainable materials including Lycra T400 fiber with EcoMade technology and Repreve recycled polyester.

With more color choices and different washing effects, the fabrics can create both dark and light colors, allowing more styles and widening the product range. Additionally, each fabric has a different recycled content, elasticity and stretchability, offering brands solutions to fit their varied needs.

“The collection goes beyond ‘second life’ and extends the circularity to even ‘third life’ by further regenerating the wastage from the circular fabrics to other denim items,” said Miles Lam, Crystal Denim assistant general manager of product development. “The cut waste from Second Life denim is gathered and upcycled as the new kimono jackets, patches and accessories to work towards zero wastage.”

The collection is part of the denim factory’s wider efforts to close the loop—a concept that it initiated last year when it partnered with The R Collective to launch a range of jeans resewed from upcycled Levi’s inventory and leftover samples.

Crystal’s commitment to cleaner production is carried through to the collection’s dye and wash processes. The recycled cotton is dyed with liquid indigo for further water and chemical reduction, and sustainable washing methods are adopted in the finishing, the company stated.

In 2019, the company introduced 4ZERO, a plan to reduce manual labor in the finishing process and replace potassium permanganate with eco-friendly chemicals as oxidizing agents in wet processing and substitute stone washing with an enzyme wash and advanced washing machines.

All Second Life fabrics are available as physical samples and in digital formats to meet the market’s growing demand for 3D virtual sampling.

Customers can learn more about the fabric’s footprint by scanning the QR code on the product, which gives access to a video about the collection and manufacturing information, including fabric information, Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) score, sample room and washing information and certificate logo.