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Crystal International Group Earns Third Platinum Label from WWF-HK

For the third time since 2012, Hong Kong-based apparel manufacturer Crystal International has been awarded one of the highest sustainability accolades for its China intimate factory from environmental organization WWF-Hong Kong.

The company’s China-based intimates factory renewed its certification with WWF-HK’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Program (LCMP) and was awarded the Platinum Label for its commitment to reducing its footprint and accelerating climate action. Its Vietnam-based intimates factory joined the program for the first time and was also awarded the Platinum Label.

WWF-HK launched the LCMP in 2010 to cut carbon emissions generated by manufacturing facilities and develop environmental social governance for manufacturers. It provides a carbon accounting tool to help factories measure their carbon footprint, and shares best practices for carbon reduction, greenhouse gas management and energy efficiencies in general manufacturing and operations processes. Manufacturers are awarded platinum, gold, silver or certified labels depending on the requirements they meet during a third-party verification.

WWF-HK recognized Crystal International for its adoption of carbon reduction measures like replacing steam with a solar thermal hot water system, installing an automatic hanging system to curb electricity usage, using ambient heat to pre-dry washed jeans, and implementing ozone laundry to reduce the use of water and chemicals in the washing process.

According to Catherine Chiu, general manager, corporate quality and sustainability department at Crystal International, the company’s participation in the LCMP is just one of many initiatives it’s undertaking to create a more sustainable future.

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“We have been escalating our commitment to climate action and are now focusing on the long-term carbon reduction goal to reduce 30 percent aggregate greenhouse gas emissions by 2030,” she said. “As a leading manufacturer, we hope to demonstrate a practical model across the industry to reduce carbon and save energy.”

In November, Crystal International Group joined the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, a United Nations-spearheaded initiative that aims to unify the fashion industry in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

In addition to carbon emissions reductions, it’s also committed to circularity. Just last month, the company developed Second Life Denim, a line of 10 denim fabrics for men and women that use recycled fabrics certified with Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) as well as sustainable materials like Lycra T400 fiber with EcoMade technology and Repreve recycled polyester. The circular collection follows last year’s partnership with The R Collective, in which it launched a range of jeans resewed from upcycled Levi’s inventory and leftover samples.