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Denim Expert Joins the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Denim Expert Ltd. is taking a step toward greater sustainability. The denim manufacturer, led by managing director Mostafiz Uddin, is the first Bangladeshi manufacturer to join the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

The global group is comprised of over 220 leading apparel, footwear and textile companies working to reduce the industries’ environmental and social impacts. Members include American Eagle, G-Star, Levi’s, Gap and Inditex.

“Having the Denim Expert as part of the coalition widens the scope of our impact within the industry and accelerates the change we’re making towards responsible industry actions,” SAC CEO Jason Kibbey said.

As a member of SAC, Denim Expert Ltd. will use the group’s sustainability measurement tools to drive change throughout its supply chain. Denim Expert Ltd. will contribute data and resources to support the Higg Index, which measures sustainability performance and enables supply chain transparency and decision-making to improve efficiency and sustainability impact.

The Higg Index is a suite of tools that enables suppliers, manufacturers, brands and retailers to evaluate materials, products, facilities and processes based on environmental performance, social labor practices, and product design choices.

“We are pleased to join the SAC, confident it will have a positive impact on product sustainability over time and become a model for how industries can collaborate in making a positive impact on value chain performance,” Uddin said.

Uddin is a vocal supporter for sustainability and advancing Bangladesh’s apparel and textile industries. As the founder of the Bangladesh Denim Expo, he regularly spotlights companies and technologies that are working toward building a strong foundation for the country’s manufacturing sector. In May, he spoke at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit about enabling transparency in garment manufacturing to create change.

In April, Denim Expert Ltd. introduced a new water-saving collection that reduces the amount of water needed to make one pair of jeans by half. The process combines technique-based finishing processes to reduce the number of steps in wet finishing and utilizes efficient washing machines.