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Enod S.A. and Karl Mayer Team to Boost Denim Production in Argentina

As part of its $36 million investment to expand its plant in La Rioja, Argentina, Enod S.A., a division of Argentina’s largest textile manufacturer Cladd Group, has purchased a Prodye-S unit for indigo dyeing from German textile machine maker Karl Mayer.

It is the first time this technology has been installed in an Argentinian facility.

Enod has grown its plant in the northwestern city of La Rioja by building a new 107,639-square-foot warehouse and production hall for weaving. It created 330 direct jobs as a result.

The new weaving mill was created by investing in a property of the Arisco factory recovered from the provincial government. In addition to the capacities for the production of woven garment fabrics, it includes an indigo dyeing plant, which is now home to the Prodye-S machine as well as a Prosize sizing machine by Karl Mayer.

The Prodye-S uses a slasher dyeing process instead of a rope dyeing one and produces less waste while using less water than traditional indigo dyeing machines. The yarn is wound around warp beams to create bright and deep indigo shades and production capacity can be doubled if the denim is lightweight.

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The Prosize machine debuted at the ITMA show in Milan in 2015 and has been a bestseller for Karl Meyer ever since. It features a one-bath system that simplifies process control and the adjustment of the wetting quality.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute with our technology to the market expansion of our customer and to the strengthening of the national economy,” said Stefano Agazzi, Karl Mayer Group denim specialist. With the new state-of-the-art capacities, denim can be produced domestically so it no longer has to be imported. The 102 weaving machines are expected to produce 1.4 million meters of fabric per month and 1 million meters of fabric will be dyed in the dyeing plant.

Argentina’s president Alberto Fernández was among the VIPs in attendance at the plant’s inauguration in June 2022. The government of his predecessor, Mauricio Macri, who was voted out of office in 2019 after four years, had recommended that domestic textile producers relocate their manufacturing to Vietnam and China and reimport the goods produced under their own brand—advice that Enod and the Cladd Group clearly refused to follow.

The Cladd Group comprises eight industrial companies and has the largest production capacities in Argentina. Its business areas include all stages of textile manufacturing from spinning and fabric production to finishing, printing and dyeing. 

Karl Meyer made headlines in 2020 when it announced it was acquiring fellow German textile machine giant the Stoll Group. Stoll officially became part of Karl Mayer on July 1, 2020.