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How Fabric Trends Influence Denim’s Fashion Direction

Through collaborations and feedback, mills and brands are increasingly working together to develop fabric. And oftentimes, trends are born in the mill.

Here, from sustainability to new ways to recreate retro fabrics, denim mills reveal their own vision of where denim trends will go next.

Global Denim

Global Denim believes in reimagined classics with minimal processes. Made with the Mexico-based mill’s sturdy 100 percent cotton Armor fabric, its voluminous bomber jacket is rinsed simply with a softener and refined with contrast stitching and buttons with organic shapes.

Global Denim
Global Denim Will Anderson


With denim deeply entrenched into a ’90s wash cycle, mills like Mexico-based Kaltex are seeking eco-friendly ways to replicate retro washes. For its take on a modern acid wash, the mill utilizes Tonello’s sustainable Ecofree and No Stone finishing technology.

Kaltex jean
Kaltex Will Anderson for Rivet

Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries

Pakistan-based Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries aims to optimize the fabrics needed for designers’ inventive denim creations, including two-tone cargo jeans. The fabrics have an extra process of shrinkage control, which helps designers more effectively combine different fabrics into one garment.

Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries jeans
Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries Will Anderson

Orta Anadolu

Turkey-based Orta Anadolu fine-tunes its lightweight denim offering with Wave, a fabric designed to capture the airy, free-flowing feel of a summer’s breeze. The Tencel blend marries fluidity and drape with a modern interpretation of denim’s rustic character.

Orta Anadolu top
Orta Anadolu Will Anderson


For the third edition of its Eyether collection, Turkish mill Isko developed fabrics in multi-weave combinations. Co-designed with denim guru François Girbaud, the garment combines stretch warp threads—ideal for an enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement—with rigid weft threads that sculpt the body.

Isko shirt Will Andeson


Denim with a soft, lived-in feeling is an enduring trend. However, Turkish denim mill Calik is reinventing vintage looks with D-Clear technology, a water-saving process that uses 40 percent less water in indigo dyeing and 83 percent less during the finishing process.

Calik jeans
Calik Will Anderson

Artistic Milliners

Denim’s DIY heritage inspires Artistic Milliners. The Pakistan-based mill sees new opportunities for brands to embrace color blocking, experimental DIY techniques and reverse fabrics as means to update classic and best-selling silhouettes.

Artistic Milliners jeans
Artistic Milliners Will Anderson


Photography by Will Anderson.