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Isko Builds on Existing Technologies to Meet New Consumer Demands

Like many of its peers, denim textile manufacturer Isko has been laser-focused on developing solutions that accommodate consumers’ evolving needs while mitigating denim’s environmental impact. Its latest line, Collection 2022 Vol.1, combines some of its most innovative technologies and capabilities to do just that.

The collection is a direct response to current events. The company continues to make strides in sustainability, having published its first sustainability impact report in June. In the report, it pledged to continue creating long-lasting fabrics with exceptional performance while using fewer resources.

At the core of the new collection is Isko’s R-Two fabric, which is made of a blend of reused or recycled resources. The reused cotton—which comes from Isko’s own production loss and is tracked, traced and has the Content Claim Standard (CCS) certification—is then blended with recycled polyester derived from PET bottles. Fabrics can have the Recycled Claim Standard (RSC) certification or Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification depending on the percentage of materials contained.

Within the new collection, Isko breaks down its offerings according to four “lifestyles,” starting with comfort—a top priority for post-pandemic consumers toggling between soft jeans and sweatpants. Featuring varying levels of elasticity and weights, the Isko Comfy segment provides luxe looks made with cellulosic fibers such as rayon and modal.

Turkish textile manufacturer Isko launched Collection 2022 Vol.1, a new collection featuring some of its most innovative technologies.
Isko Courtesy

The line utilizes several of Isko’s signature technologies, including its patented body-shaping Jeggings fabric and woven Bluejym technology for ultimate stretch. Isko Pop technology, known for its silky finish, adds shine. Isko’s Pj Soft technology achieves a lightweight, soft hand feel that drapes on the body.

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The new collection also serves denim heads who value nostalgia during these uncertain times, with workwear-inspired styles and heavier, rigid fabrics that defined classic denim. Throwback ’80s washes are achieved with Isko’s Vintouch, which creates a natural vintage look after laundry processes, and Vulcano, the mill’s environmentally friendly laser finishing.

Simplicity is also a new requirement for consumers searching for denim that can easily transition from day to night. Isko Xmen is a men’s comfort stretch fabric that provides an elasticity level between 30-35 percent, while Rigidflex technologies provide an authentic, rigid look with a more flexible feel.

The collection also includes the Euphoria line, featuring an array of new colors including mint and purple, which are achieved using the company’s innovative finishes. While some consumers demand simplicity to cope with uncertain times, others are looking for bold pops of color to express themselves.