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Isko Seeks Bluesign Accreditation for Denim Fabrics

A sustainable supply chain requires accountability and strong alliances.

Turkey-based denim mill Isko announced Monday that it has a goal to achieve Bluesign-approved accreditation for its denim textiles by the end of 2020.

Through this partnership, Isko and Bluesign aim to be a “force of good” and serve as an example of how the textile and fashion industry in the future will pay closer attention to people and the environment.

Bluesign accreditation is among the strictest industry standard for environmental health and textile manufacturing. The Bluesign System helps eliminate harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and it sets, and monitors standards for environmentally friendly and safe production.

The goals of the system are to ensure that final textile products meet consumer safety requirements worldwide, and to give consumers confidence in purchasing a sustainable product.

Isko has a long-standing commitment to sure quality and traceability of the fibers and materials used in its fabrics. The mill has received achievements from Oeko-Tex, Textile Exchange and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for its Earth Fit collection.

“We have always prioritized transparency and accountability, highly valuing every improvement that can achieved by sharing values and goals through partnerships,” said Ebru Ozkucuk Guler, Isko senior sustainability and CSR executive.

The mill has already performed the Bluesign Company Assessment at an above-average level, according to a statement. The level, Isko stated, indicates how the company “anticipates change” rather than reacts to stakeholder requirements.

For Bluesign, Isko’s creative design and innovative use of technologies make it an ideal partner. “These distinct qualities in combination with a determined commitment to a sustainable supply chain makes Isko a true leader in the textile industry,” said Bluesign Technologies CEO Jill Dumain. “We look forward to the next impactful steps we will take together.”

The announcement follows the launch of Isko’s first sustainability report, in which the company outlines the steps it is taking to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how it plans to build on its Responsible Innovation approach to holistic sustainability.