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Isko Becomes the Only European Denim Mill with Bluesign Approval

Less than a year after forming a partnership with Bluesign, one of the industry’s strictest standards for environmental health and textile manufacturing, Isko has earned its seal of approval, and has become the only denim mill in Europe to do so.

On Thursday, the denim mill debuted Bluesign-approved fabric that meets the standard’s rigorous criteria ensuring it’s sustainably produced without hazardous chemicals. The Bluesign System aims to remove harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and establishes and monitors standards for safer production.

“It is a great pleasure to acknowledge Isko as the only denim mill in Europe with Bluesign approved fabrics, showing their highest commitment to responsible production, responsible chemistry and responsible use of resources,” said Jill Dumain, Bluesign Technologies CEO. “As a Bluesign system partner, Isko is a visionary and a leader in the textile industry. We are proud to support them in their quest towards excellence in sustainable textile manufacturing.”

According to the mill, more fabric will be approved in the near future.

“When the goal is big, the effort is big,” said Ebru Ozkucuk, Isko’s head of sustainability. “Choosing the right partner means taking safe steps. In this sense, I can gladly say that we will continue on our way with the Bluesign chemical follow-up process.”

The mill entered the partnership in June 2020 with an above-average rating from the Bluesign Company Assessment, demonstrating its longstanding commitment to sustainability. Isko has received achievements from Oeko-Tex, Textile Exchange, SAC, ZDHC and EU Ecolabel.

Most recently, it updated its recycled materials collection, Light on the Land, for better transparency. All of the fabrics used in the collection were carefully selected from Isko’s R-Two platform, which uses a mixture of reused cotton and recycled fibers.

The Bluesign System has recently undergone updates as well, and in February it announced the revision of all of its chemical substance lists to incorporate the latest scientific knowledge on toxicological and ecological profile of substances, new legal classification of chemical substances, new legal consumer safety limits, revised risk assessments based on the Bluesign Criteria for chemical assessment and more.