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Isko I-Skool Launches a Denim Guide for Design Students

The next Isko I-Skool competition brings fit and form into focus.

The sixth edition of Isko I-Skool urges students to design and develop the right fit and form for any body shape. The competition was founded by the Turkish fabric manufacturer in 2013 as a platform to foster innovative and sustainable design by bringing together students and key players in the denim industry.

This year the program will also introduce a Denim Education Guide, a guidebook that covers stages of denim manufacturing, including denim history, field to fabric, fabric to garment, wet and dry processes and a denim glossary.

The guide is intended to supplement denim education as many schools do not include special modules dedicated specifically to denim in their course program.

“This progress has been the natural evolution of our commitment to educating and developing young people who will become future denim industry leaders,” said Rosey Cortazzi, Isko global marketing director. “We want to keep sharing our knowledge and passion with designers worldwide.”

Isko announced the theme of the annual contest this week at Premium in Berlin.

Designers from 11 international fashion design schools will be asked to base their own six-piece capsule collection on “body inspiration research” and a target consumer and market analysis. The goal of the competition, Isko said, is to develop “new denim codes.”

“We would like you to explore new tribes and new possible expressions of the self through denim,” Isko I-Skool told students. “You could create an entirely new vision: the new extra-norm, the new body, the new notion of what is acceptable for you today. Take a look at how denim could help you create an entire new denim language by taking inspiration from the streets, from your culture, adding your unique vision.”

Each capsule collection will be made up of six garments—four that are designed to be developed industrially and two handmade show pieces that express the designers’ creativity and vision. The garments will be made using Isko’s denim fabric fabrics and patented technologies.

The last edition of Isko I-Skool, which focused on melding denim’s past and future, concluded in July. Isko will announce the deadlines and prizes for the 2019 edition in the coming weeks.